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Lonnie Barbach, Ph.D.

Shoshana Bennett, Ph.D.


Learn more about Dr. Bennett's work with postpartum depression.

Joel Block, Ph.D.



Read more about Dr. Block, his books, take his Relationship Enhancement Inventory, and more!

Kim Cusimano, Ph.D.

John Dyckman, Ph.D.

Neil Fiore, Ph.D.


Dr. Neil Fiore's site for "Self-Leadership" Seminars and keynotes presentations, video samples, as well as copies of the "Un-Schedule" and free articles, coaching information, quizzes, and resources.

Dr. Neil Fiore's new site for his ebook, It's Your Life - Who's In Charge?, along with audio excerpts from the book and video samples of his presentations.

Randy Gilchrist, Psy.D.

Read more about Dr. Gilchrist's practice and his hypnosis resources.

Eric Greenleaf, Ph.D.


Eric Greenleaf conducts hypnosis training all across the country.

Peter Lambrou, Ph.D.


Learn more about Dr. Lambrou.

Shirley McNeal, Ph.D.

Joyce Mills, Ph.D.


Find out more about Dr. Mill's seminars, conferences and the StoryPlay Center.

Judith Pearson, Ph.D.


Learn more about Dr. Pearson.

Bruce Peltier, Ph.D.

Maggie Phillips, Ph.D.


Find out where Maggie is presenting next!

Michele Ritterman, Ph.D.



Read more about what Dr. Ritterman is doing and track her events.

Jack Singer, Ph.D.


Dr. Jack Singer is renowned among the world's most dynamic and hilarious professional motivational speakers. Dr. Jack takes his 27 years of expertise (as an Industrial, Clinical and Sports Psychologist, college professor and author) on the road to mesmerize every single audience he faces!

Roberta Temes, Ph.D.


Dr. Roberta also provides phone consultations and is a popular public speaker.

Muriel P. Warren, D.S.W., A.C.S.W.


Find out about Dr. Warren's hypnosis trainings and the Warren Trauma Institute.

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  • Five Funny Stories
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  • Sammy the Elephant and Mr. Camel
    end bedwetting and enhance self-control
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