Real Results from Real People

Since your hypnosis, I am not only staying away from smoking, but I also stopped eating the junk food I used to eat. There were no fireworks. I am simply a new person--how I've wanted to be for a long time. This is wonderful!

Kim Johnson
Sacramento, CA

After listening to Dr. Jack Singer's Core Sports Performance hypnosis program, I have freed my mind from distractions, stayed focused on my fight preparation and feel a renewed surge of self-confidence! Thank you so much, Dr. Jack!!!

Jay Hieron
UFC Veteran
Currently the International Fight League's
2nd-Ranked World Welterweight

In the short time I have used the weight control hypnosis, I have seen a change in my eating habits. When I'm tempted to eat sweets, I don't know exactly what happens, but something in my head says, 'No, you don't need that,' and the urge passes.

I've found disc 2 and the two tracks on it to be especially useful. Whenever I feel I need reinforcement, I go back to these. I am getting no reimbursement for this testimonial and freely want to share with others my experience.

Chuck Hershberger
Ferndale, Michigan

The first step in creating powerful, positive change in your life is to admit that change is needed. In my book, The Official Guide to Success, I teach the power of self-instructions for overcoming whatever is holding you back from achieving your heart's desire. These programs, developed by highly respected professionals, will help you reprogram old thoughts and beliefs that are keeping you from growing and achieving the greatness that's within you. Cut your chains to the past. Lose your self-imposed mental handicaps and enjoy the success of your dreams.

Tom Hopkins
Author of How to Master the Art of Selling
Founder of Tom Hopkins International

''After gaining back almost 35 pounds of fat after winning, NBC's ''The Biggest Loser'' in 2005, I felt like I had let everybody down as I had not figured out how to truly get control of my appetite and eating habits outside of the controlled environment of the show.''

Although I was skeptical, I started listening to Dr. Temes' hypnosis CDs on January 27th. What I have found is a feeling of control that I have never experienced before. I have found it easy to completely give up my 12 pack a day of Diet Dr. Pepper habit, goldfish crackers addiction, and I now can handle the smell of good food without experiencing the desire to scarf it all down!

Just last night I was able to go to The Cheesecake Factory and didn't have any bread and butter something I used to eat at least 2 baskets of! I had GRILLED Mahi Mahi and STEAMED broccoli. I was completely satisfied and it never even crossed my mind to order a slice of cheesecake. Huge personal victory. (I never would have been able to do this without these CDs).

I am now down 13 pounds in just 16 days and it has been easy. These sessions are short, easy to use, and are definitely not some creepy form of mind control.''

Matt Hoover
Season Two Winner
NBC's, The Biggest Loser
Seattle, Wa

I think Enjoying Weight Loss is wonderful. Every time I preview it, it makes me smile, because Dr. Roberta sounds just like the doctor on The Sopranos. I plan to incorporate the Eating Smart segment in my lesson for my class.

I really think they are an effective tool to assist anyone trying to lose weight.

By the way, after listening to just one session with Dr. Roberta, I automatically now choose a lunch plate rather than a dinner plate whenever I serve myself food. And I have not stopped saying how delicious green beans are.

Iris Solal, M.A. A.E.
Nutrition For Optimal Health Association
Vice President Continuing Education
Morton Grove, Illinois

If you are someone like me that deals with procrastination on a regular basis, due to overwhelm, confusion, lack of motivation, or whatever, I highly recommend that you invest in Productivity Engineering by Dr. Neil Fiore. It's truly helped me break through my procrastination and become more productive. And because of that productivity, I've been able to move toward my goals, faster and easier than ever before.

Jeff Gardner
Insider Wealth Secrets

I've always been amazed at how confidence can affect race performance in endurance sports. The Core Sports Performance CDs helped me to stay relaxed the night before my Ironman 70.3 (half Ironman) and kept me positive on the race ahead. After just a few listens, my performance jumped.

Mark Haskins, 37
Age-Group Triathlete

Despite being plagued by painful injuries and very little training time, I used three Hypnosis Network products (Core Sports Performance, Core Inner Strength, and Productivity Engineering) to help me complete the longest and most difficult race of my life, the 125-kilometer Canadian Death Race in the Canadian Rockies. Loved the results so much that I continue to use these products on a daily basis with astounding results. Even better, they translate perfectly into my business life, my professional life, and my personal life, as well as my athletic pursuits!

Dr. Dave Woynarowski, M.D., CPT
Leading anti-aging physician

I believe that the difference between good athletes and great ones is that little edge mentally. When an athlete is confident in his abilities, he can do just about anything. I feel that Dr. Jack Singer's program can give athletes the ability to focus to gain that edge.

Howie Schwab
Stump the Schwab Host

I give The Hypnosis Network five stars for offering outstanding audio hypnosis programs at a fair price. I recommend them to everyone. And yes, I really mean everyone. There's not a person alive who couldn't benefit from more positive suggestions delivered through these audio programs . . . Now, with The Hypnosis Network, you have an opportunity to reprogram what's in your head, giving yourself positive, supportive messages in a format that YOU control. I can't imagine a nicer gift to give yourself!

Mike Adams
Truth Publishing

I used the Test Taking Mastery CD to prepare for the NY State Bar Exam. I was able to study more effectively and focus during the exam. I passed on the first try! THANK YOU!

Paula Edgar, Esq.

Investing in programs that help me get and keep the edge in life is something I do regularly. Having been exposed to hundreds of programs, I can tell you that Productivity Engineering is one of the best programs I've ever been introduced to.

If you are a procrastinator or simply want to boost your overall productivity, then I HIGHLY recommend you get Productivity Engineering from the Hypnosis Network. The results will speak for themselves.

Stephen Pierce
Business Optimization Strategist
President of Innovation Marketers, LLC
Founder, OptiMINDzation

I'm in a period of my life that requires a huge work push, and I've found Productivity Engineering to be hugely helpful -- a real lifesaver, in fact. Neil's THE authority on using hypnosis to reprogram your thinking so you experience far less procrastination and stress, and much more productive peace and fulfillment. I'm doing great, thanks to Neil's CDs!

Suzanne Falter-Barns

I have built, trained, and managed sales organizations all around the world. My last company had over 1,500 sales agents in 70+ countries and we did over $3,000,000 in revenue our first year. I mention this just to point out I have a HUGE level of interest in sales training material! This is the first program I have seen that addresses sales training at a subconscious level in this manner. This program covers numerous key areas of the sales process, and Dr. Lambrou's delivery is fantastic. I would recommend this program to every sales professional I know.

Tony Michael
Vice President
Success University

I would just like to say thank you for your excellent tapes. They are wonderful to listen to, probably due to your amazing voice.

It is gentle and melodic . . . I have other programs but yours is by far THE BEST.

Wanda Howe
Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Success and peak performance start with your beliefs about yourself and the world. Being consistently productive and fearless in your prospecting is absolutely a function of a well-honed mindset. The Hypnosis Network audio programs can help you to create a winning mindset so that you can become a success and reach your full potential.

Brian Tracy
Chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International
Author of The Psychology of Selling and The Art of Closing the Sale

I have been listening Dr. Roberta Temes' CD's for the last three months and am very impressed- I absolutely love listening to them. It's one of my favorite parts of my day when I can come home from work, drop everything, and completely relax with my favorite track. The last couple are super short too, so no excuse for not ''fitting it in'' to my busy day! It's difficult to choose what my favorite aspect of the program is, but I really appreciate the emphasis on positive affirmations and guided imagery. Seeing things the way you want them to be has a subtle and underappreciated, yet nonetheless very formative power.

Just after my initial completion of the program in accordance to the instructions, I went home on Christmas vacation. Normally this time of year degenerates into a binge on sugary foods that leaves me feeling guilty and gross afterward. But not this year- I had the ''Avoiding Temptation'' track on my ipod and I listened to it twice per day for good measure while home. I indulged to be sure, but this time lacked that out-of-control feeling that often characterizes ''cheating'' on your diet. I felt like I was making the consious decision to eat (and enjoy) that cookie or slice of fruit cake at the party. What a blessing.

Rebecca Hammel
U.S. Navy
Tampa, FL

Peter's unique experience in sales and psychology provides an incredible secret weapon to actually programming out of your brain any fear or reluctance to making calls, and replacing it with confidence and desire. I noticed a marked increase in my own work output within 12 hours of listening to his program.

Blair Singer
Communication Specialist
Author of SalesDogs
in the Rich Dad's Advisors series

I think The Hypnosis Network is going about the right things in the right way. I firmly believe that hypnosis is one of the most valuable, yet overlooked paths to learning. I give the programs created by The Hypnosis Network my highest marks.

Jay Conrad Levinson
The Father of Guerrilla Marketing
Author, ''Guerrilla Marketing'' series of books

The difference in my pole vaulting since listening to Dr. Singer's hypnosis sessions is incredible. I used to get frustrated while training and especially during meets. I definitely was not meeting my potential.

I started listening to the sessions over a year ago, and last year I set the high school record at 12'6'' and I was only a freshman!

I still listen to the sessions on my IPOD before every meet to relax and focus during the competition. It also helps me with test taking, which is an added bonus!

Shelby Kennard
High School Pole Vaulter
Junior Olympics Nationals Winner

After listening to the Core Sports Performance CDs only 3 days before an important triathlon, I've never felt more focused, positive and confident in the days leading up to and during a race.

My usual negative 'self-talk' was completely gone and replaced with a calm confidence I haven't experienced before. It certainly showed in my dramatically improved performance!

Kristen Thorkelson, 34,
National Triathlon Team Age-Group Athlete

This is the approach that works! Having Dr. Block explain it, so that any man can get results, is a huge bonus. No more frustration, no more disappointment, no more wasting time on gimmicks, this is the real thing. My strongest recommendation for this CD.

Annette Lebor, MA, LCSW
Psychotherapist and Sex Therapist

On the suggestion of a previous bar passer, I ordered the Test Taking Mastery CD, which was extremely helpful in enabling me to optimize my performance on the bar exam. During my bar study, I listened to the CD every night before retiring to bed. Because of the CD, I was able to relax, focus, and get the best sleep ever.

Now that I have passed the bar, I continue to pay it forward by advising prospective bar takers to include the Test Taking Mastery CD as part of their study regimen. I recommend marketing this product to BAR/BRI & PMBR, the two main bar preparatory courses, to supplement their bar preparation materials.

Studying for the bar and taking the exam is an extremely stressful time for most. However, it does not have to be so. Because of your product, I studied and went into the exam without anxiety. Once again, thank you.

Michael Shaw, J.D.
Interim Associate Director
CUNY Black Male Initiative
The City College of The City University of New York

Recently, I had the opportunity to review a copy of Dr. Randy Gilchrist's hypnosis program, The Non-Smoker's Edge. Over the years, we've seen many different programs for quitting smoking and several hypnosis programs. Some products and programs were good, many were not. So, it's understandable that I would be skeptical when I received a review copy for Dr. Gilchrist's program in the mail.

After digging through this program, and examining the depth of the research, practical experience and thought that went into creating it, I am firmly convinced it will produce results for most smokers who sincerely use it.

Fred Kelley

I had originally bought the pain management program to deal with the pain resulting from my knee surgery in December of 2004, little did I know I'd be using it for something completely different. I ended up breaking my wrist in June of 2005, about 2 weeks after originally buying the Pain Management sessions. It was a nasty colles fracture, and I ended up needing surgery and pins to keep the bones held together. Not being able to take the Darvocet that was prescribed, I decided to try the hypnosis sessions (with the ok from my doctor of course). While I can't claim that all pain was gone, I was able to manage my pain with nothing more than ibuprofen. My doctor was impressed and so was I. I am now using the pain management sessions to help me get through the pain of physical therapy. I can't thank you enough for helping me to get through a very trying few months.

A very satisfied customer,

Linda Bauer
Ham Lake, MN

We have evaluated hundreds of products over the years, and out of all the products we've seen, The Non-Smoker's Edge from The Hypnosis Network is one of the very best. With a research-supported success rate of well over 66%, it is the most comprehensive smoking cessation program available today--which is why we recommend it so highly.

Dennis & Janice Hughes
The Share Guide

The Hypnosis Experience includes ''Using the Resources of the Unconscious Mind,'' ''Experiencing Useful Trance,'' ''Tuning to the Body,'' and ''A Pharmacy of Emotions'' - all masterful stuff. We learn much about feelings, the body, healing, relaxation, allowing the mind to take its own lead - all without quite knowing how the learning is taking place.

Will Handy, MSSW
The Milton H. Erickson Foundation Newsletter, Summer 2006

Eric Greenleaf's CD, Preparing for Uncertainty, is beautiful, moving, consoling, and freeing. It helps one meet life with thoughtful feeling and curious knowing. It empowers one to act and to receive life as fully as one would like, with ease and grace. It inspires courage and engenders hope in the midst of life's adventures, fears, tribulations, and joys.

Greenleaf approaches the listener of this CD in a remarkably nuanced way. He supports the authenticity and integrity of the individual as he deals with common human concerns and dilemmas. The beauty and juxtaposition of words and phrases, accompanied as they are by a tone of tender compassionate strength, foster and sustain friendship and play, action and character, silence and comfort, and the full expression of life's sorrows and joys.

As I listen to this CD, I become grounded, feel connected to others, find my spirit enlivened, and am empowered to speak and act with integrity. I have recommended this CD to friends, family, and associates. Listening to this reflective meditation is a wonderful way to prepare to meet the challenges and gifts of life.

Mary Rose Bumpus, RSM, Ph.D.
Religious Sister of Mercy
Assistant Professor
Seattle University

I got Enjoying Weight Loss when my motivation for sticking with my prescribed food plan was at its lowest! I was ready to quit. I was getting rebellious. I was telling myself, 'Oh, what's the use?' all the time. My weight loss was just crawling along and stalling out. Bad habits were starting to creep in. I read about EWL on a popular weight loss support group web site. People who were in the same situation as me were raving about it.

I had my doubts. But after listening to Dr. Roberta for several weeks, I'm back on track, making wise(r) choices, avoiding most temptations and keeping up with daily exercise. It all feels natural to me, and 'something' makes me want to keep on with the good things I'm doing. I've experienced a noticeable turnaround in attitude.

Hypnosis isn't magic, and you do have to work at it. My daily 'mind massage,' courtesy of the wise and kindly-sounding psychologist, Dr. Roberta, is something I look forward to. I think it is helping me in other areas of my life, where goal-setting and 'staying with it' despite set-backs are important. I consider myself a skeptic and a cynic and food has always been my drug of choice. Enjoying Weight Loss is turning out to be a powerful ally and a powerful tool in changing a lifetime of bad eating habits.

Andrea McDonald
PR Specialist
Dallas, TX

Lonnie Barbach, Ph.D. is the premier advocate of sexual well-being in the world. She is a master teacher and master clinician. Listen carefully and learn fully to reclaim your sexual vitality at the deepest levels of human experience.

Jeffrey K. Zeig, Ph.D., Director
The Milton H. Erickson Foundation

My mom sent me your Weight Loss hypnosis CDs (as a not-so-subtle hint). I was about 40 pounds overweight and had already tried hypnosis for weight loss before with no results, so I was not optimistic. I have never been able to follow a diet for over 3 weeks, so I decided that this time I would use your CDs in combination with The South Beach Diet and see what happened. It has now been a little over 2 months and I have lost 25 pounds! The best part is that following the diet has been easy this time -- it is almost like I can't NOT follow it.

Kevin Goodrich
Computer Software Engineer
Miami, Florida

It would be easy to review Dr. Ritterman's compact disc of shared and separate track trances for couples on the basis of her skill with hypnotic techniques, carefully chosen metaphors or brilliance of her creative and groundbreaking ideas. Rather than describe what is best experienced, I prefer to review her masterpiece on the basis of what sets it apart from any other that could be created which would be designed to remind a couple of the importance of keeping shared memories alive and also maintaining a healthy independent identity.

What comes through that would be such an enhancement to any couple who is listening to these trances is the feeling of being understood and cared about by Dr. Ritterman. One feels her wisdom and support in the quality, timber, pitch and lilt of her voice. The authenticity of who she is flows so naturally in this organic creation that her message is magnified. This CD is hypnotic intervention at its finest and a true work of art.

Helen Adrienne, LCSW, BCD

Joyce Mills speaks straight from the heart to your heart. Joyce is a magical spellbinder who touches young and old in ways that help us experience the joy of living.

Carl A. Hammerschlag, M.D.
Psychiatrist, University of Arizona Medical School

Eric, I found your Uncertainty CD just wonderful when I listened last evening. Listening to you as we went on this little journey had me feeling delighted. Loosening and lightening up to the experience of both the preparation and the walk itself left me smiling throughout. It seemed so colorful and whimsical. The trance really worked. Plus I am reminded of how to conduct a trance session in the best possible way with a Technicolor barrage of detailed imagery and metaphor. Today I am still transformed.

Carolyn Finn Mitchell, PhD
Adult and Adolescent Psychotherapy

In listening to this couple's tape, I had my first opportunity to sample Dr. Ritterman's work. While she skillfully incorporates the standard Ericksonian techniques into these trances, her wonderful style and approach also are uniquely her own.

Kathleen Donaghy Ph.D.
Phoenix, AZ
The Milton H. Erickson Foundation Newsletter, Summer 2006

Dear Dr. Greenleaf,
Thank you for the two-CD set entitled The Hypnosis Experience. I find that, when using the CDs regularly, my overall emotional balance and equilibrium are stabler in ways I can't predict or explain. It's like a strong, surging wave buoying me up. When I start to feel anxious at night, I am able to relax with just a few breaths and return to sleep. This is vitally important to me; my husband suffers from ALS, and since I have to do most of the care of our children and home, I need regular rest. Thank you, and keep up the good work!

Mary Rees, Ph.D.

These [CDs] are different from, but are still really instruction - they tell your mind how to instruct the body to create and perform. I know the way of the mind is what separates Tiger Woods and Michele Wie from their competitors, and Dr. Jack's CD program will put you in that same state where the mind commands the body.

Parker Smith
Former Instruction Editor
GOLF Magazine

All of the exercises on the CD program are very good and help to reinforce learning. The most helpful for me was on the second CD. Seeing the pain numbers in the mind's eye helped me to lower my pain as the number was lowered.

Kim Kempton
Hillsboro, Oregon

Core Inner Strength helps me maintain a positive mindset, which is essential when playing the best pool players in the world.

Melissa ''The Viper'' Little
WPBA Touring Professional

Michele Ritterman's new CD of couples' trances is outstanding. I particularly liked the part describing the imagery of the brain expanding and contracting in an opposite pattern from breathing. The imagery she used was very beautiful. And the powerful story she told at the end still sticks with me. Thank you, Dr. Ritterman, for helping couples reconnect in such a powerful way. I shall be proud to recommend it to my clients.

Patricia Davis
Family Therapist
New Mexico

I am 63. I was told that I had to stop smoking for severe health problems. I tried every other possible program, method or gimmick. I was desperate. My friend recommended the program. It had worked for her so I sent for the CDs. My desperation left me and I began to face the real possibility that I could actually quit. The calm voice became a daily companion. I can now say that I am a non-smoker. It has taken me 47 years to be able to say that. Truly one of my greatest accomplishments!

Julianna Poderzay
Missoula, Montana

Smooth Surgery, Rapid Recovery, created by Dr. Carol Ginandes, is exactly the program I need. I chose it because of endorsements by medical professionals and users' online assurances that there is plenty of guided imagery practice, unlike the excessive theory or gushing promises found in several other programs I saw advertised.

Her voice is calming; the listener isn't distracted by musical background. Instructions are clear and suggestions are subtly worded. I find these CD's easy to listen to repeatedly, which is necessary for successful use.

Anne Wynn
San Antonio, Texas

As a burnt-out real estate agent who has recently left real estate, I only wish I had purchased this sooner. I have done lots of sales training, including Brian Tracy on prospecting, but I still found myself burnt out and not really knowing why. Your CD has been a great help and I highly recommend it to any sales professional wanting to build a long lasting stress-free career.

Alan Williams

The techniques that Dr. Jack Singer teaches in his Core Sports Performance series I have used many times now. I create the experience I want to have in my mind and body before I compete. This frees me up to ride my best.

Nancy Jones
Winner of 7 World Titles
on the American Paint Horse Association Circuit

I am happy to say that smoking never even came to my mind after hearing you and going through these exercises. It just hasn't even been a part of my day. It's almost as if I just forgot about it.

Natalie C.
Escondido, CA

With Eric's caring and skillful support I was able to face precarious retina surgery on my sighted eye. His steadying voice led me to my own courage in a profound and lasting way. Eric is an affirming spirit, a poet, and a mensch.

Marcelline Krafchick, Ph.D.
Professor Emerita, Cal-State University, Hayward

I eagerly listened to this CD to prepare myself for the greater financial and physical uncertainties of the retirement years. After listening for the first time, I found surprisingly that I walked easily, fluidly, effortlessly. Happy memories of past joys came to mind. I was detached from interactions that would ordinarily irritate me.

Though the CD is meant for a wide audience, it becomes personally meaningful because Eric includes so many different images that a person can select those most important to him or her. I look forward to the benefits that will come from listening to the CD many times.

Jane B. Brooks, Ph. D.
Clinical Child Psychologist

This is an outstanding CD series, presented by one of the leaders in the field of hypnosis and mind-body medicine. Dr. Phillips demystifies how chronic pain affects the interface between our physiology and emotions.

Particularly useful is the progressive curriculum, where each new skill builds on what was previously taught. These 4 CD's contain a treasure chest of powerful, practical techniques for taking control of chronic pain. I recommend it enthusiastically, and will encourage my patients with chronic pain to use it.

Mark B. Weisberg, Ph.D., ABPP
Diplomate in Clinical Health Psychology,
American Board of Professional Psychology
Fellow, Approved Consultant and Executive Board Member,
American Society of Clinical Hypnosis
Co-owner, Minnesota Head & Neck Pain Cl

The Productivity Engineering CD Program has helped me more than I can say. Ever since I can remember, I have put off performing unwelcome tasks and beginning difficult projects, particularly if writing has been involved. I started listening to Productivity Engineering after I had reached a very difficult section in an article I was writing for submission to a scientific journal and could not make myself even think about it. Understanding that the procrastination over this article had become pathological, I looked for help through the Internet and found; listening to Productivity Engineering had to be worth a try.

Dr. Fiore taught me to handle my immeasurable fear of being less than perfect, both stylistically and intellectually. After listening to his CD, I found that I could organize my thoughts and actually write, which, amazingly, I'm enjoying. Again, thank you.

Frank Orman
Biology Postdoc
Salt Lake City, Utah

Eric Greenleaf's inviting CD provides us with a clear guide for the most constant fact of everyday human life, its newness and unpredictability, and how we can best plan to face this newness calmly, flexibly, and successfully. His voice is that of a warm, supportive raconteur, informal yet systematic, colloquial yet well informed, urgent and directive without pushing, repetitive without monotony, like a drumbeat of varying tempos and emphases.

He encourages the listener, most of all, to have faith in self, faith that the will to succeed is nourished both by one's own style of preparation and by confidence that resourcefulness lies in periods of ''time out,'' when one forgets the subject at hand, in order then to return to it with a renewed skill. I recommend this CD to anyone concerned with strengthening the sense of autonomy and competence.

Stephen Schoen, MD
World Leader in Teaching Psychotherapy

I ordered and received your CDs last week and have been listening to them since. Although it has only been a week, I have already noticed a difference in my attitude towards goals - I'm now working on several home business projects that I had stalled on earlier. (I'm ordinarily an anxious person and a profound procrastinator in my freelance writing business - which was going nowhere - so I definitely needed to curb my self-sabotage tendencies.)

Also, and this rather surprised me, I'm finishing daily chores around the house and office with a lot less time wastage. I first heard you on a sample recording at The Hypnosis Network and instantly liked and trusted your voice and manner of speaking. Your credentials are also reassuring.

I'm very glad I came across the Hypnosis Network site and have already enthused to friends and relatives about you and your CDs.
Thanks again!

Pam Mueller
Kirkwood Community College
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

It would be an understatement if I said I was skeptical about ordering The Non-Smoker's Edge. But considering the price was less than 4 cartons of cigarettes, what did I have to lose. Well, I lost alright - the smoking habit and haven't felt this good in years! Thank you, Hypnosis Network.

Mike Burkhardt
Crystal Falls, Illinois

Shirley McNeal's hypnosis sessions helped me pass my psych exams.

Peggy Shamaria,
Psychologist, UC, Santa Cruz

Since I started using Dr. Jack Singer's hypnotic techniques, I have really elevated my professional golf game. Only four years out of college, I have now finished 26th in the BC Open and 40th in the Western Open. Dr. Singer's techniques have definitely brought my golf to a new level!

Scott Piercy
PGA Mini-Tour Professional
Las Vegas, NV

As the editor of, I have reviewed a lot of products (including other hypnosis products) designed to eliminate procrastination.

If I could choose only one product to help with procrastination issues, it would be Productivity Engineering by Dr. Neil Fiore. This program is down-to-earth, easy to follow, and extremely effective.

Tomas Drakou
Founder and Editor,

After hearing the sampler CD it became apparent to me the Sports CDs would be applicable in a precise way to musical performance, so I ordered them. I specifically ordered them in time for one of my 12- year old student's performances as a guest artist in another classical pianist's student recital. I used the Breathing and Visualization round with him. He does get nervous although he plays beautifully, and is extremely shy and socially awkward. I was told by him afterward that many people came up to him to laud his praises and bring him food and drinks. He was riding high. I was so thrilled for him. His mother said he was clearly on an entirely different level than all of the other students there.

In my own instance, I repeatedly listen now to the brain room and make sure all of the levers are optimal. I included levers for practicing, career success, emotional expressiveness in my playing, and other aspects, along with those which are already mentioned. Instantly I found myself obsessively practicing difficult passages, and pieces maybe 5-8 times over, where in the past I had played them through only 2 or 3 times. Along the lines of the career success, out of the blue I got a call from a local conductor asking if I would teach his son. I was also asked to participate in a duo chamber concert in a private home. I was later told that three prominent conductors were being invited to attend. All after I began the brain room 'career success' lever.

I can feel that an inner surge of direction is happening without my conscious effort, and I have an underlying feeling it will all be quite successful.

Linda Schneider, M.A.
Classical Pianist, Composer and Teacher

I feel totally grateful for The Hypnosis Network's CD programs. I have enjoyed using them with my many clients and for myself. They are professionally done and an essential tool for safe and effective weight loss. Again I highly recommend this product.

David Grisaffi, C.H.E.K, CFT, PN
Corrective Exercise Kinesiologist
Author, Firm and Flatten Your Abs

First let me say I don't think you could of knowingly chosen a better candidate to listen to this 4 disc series. I have studied hypnosis with Lillian Barnes, Ph.D., I have been a practicing Buddhist for 14 years (mindfulness is so important in so many aspects), and I'm very interested in the newest information available in Quantum Physics

That said, I did follow the instructions on the usage, as suggested, on each individual disc. Ms. Phillips, Ph.D has incorporated some of the most fundamental applications of hypnosis, in an easy to follow manner, coupled with the use of imagery to offer an increased level of relief.

As the case states, this series is an invaluable tool even to those persons with no familiarity with hypnosis.

On a personal level I found track #1, Disc 4 extremely informative. This particular approach, setting with your pain, is something I was unfamiliar with ( or perhaps I was aware of, but the way it was presented I opted not to go there!) I learned a surprising amount of information from this particular exercise.

I have privately recommended this product to several people, referencing the toll free number provided.

Thank you again for allowing me to experience Hypnosis: The Pain Solution. I wish you great success with this product and hope that it makes its way to those many people living with debilitating pain.

Ms. Noel Holley-Bell

To the untrained listener, the children's CD is just like any other bedtime story one might tell a child, but, those schooled in Ericksonian trancework will quickly come to appreciate how masterfully Dr. Mills weaves classical Ericksonian techniques into the story to accomplish an unconscious parallel retrieval of resources that would result in an enhanced esteem and sense of empowerment in the listener . . . The target audience goes beyond children with bedwetting problems, even though this was the original intended audience.

Kathleen Donaghy Ph.D.
Phoenix, AZ
The Milton H. Erickson Foundation Newsletter, Summer 2006

A thousand and one times I quit smoking. A thousand times I started again. But this time I was successful, and have been a nonsmoker for one year and four months. And I was hard core. This time it was, dare I say, easy! Yes, easy.

Now, don't shake your head at me. I really did say it was easy -- it was a process that included hypnosis, and it was an easy process. To this day I have no desire to smoke. Because the process went so smoothly, my 28-year-old daughter decided she could do it too, and she did . . . one year and one month ago.

During an initial session on disk 2, I was asked to think about what I always wanted, and the simple answer was to be an athlete. I never realized this before now. So here I am at age 50, training to run my first 5K. Try that with a cigarette in your mouth! Not me. Thank you for helping make this easy.

Jules Hardin
Cedar Rapids, IA

Lonnie Barbach, Ph.D. is the premier advocate of sexual well-being in the world. She is a master teacher and master clinician. Listen carefully and learn fully to reclaim your sexual vitality at the deepest levels of human experience.

Jeffrey K. Zeig, Ph.D., Director
The Milton H. Erickson Foundation

As performance experts, we have found that people can achieve success beyond their wildest expectations if -- and this is a big IF -- they perform up to their FULL potential. Hypnosis Network has developed world-class products to unleash that potential, both consciously and subconsciously. Professional-grade products, fabulous service, and people of integrity differentiate them from the herd.

E. R. Haas
CEO, ThinkTQ, Inc.

Since working with [your program], I've quit cold-turkey for 5 months now. It was much easier than I thought it would be.

Raymond C.
Roseville, CA

I have tried almost every self-hypnosis, cure-all program available. Because of this, it was with more than a bit of skepticism and trepidation that I approached The Hypnosis Network.

Having been a nationally ranked amateur cyclist (200 & 1000 meters), I can say without any reservation that by using the Core Sports Performance CD, in conjunction with an intelligent training regimen, you will achieve your athletic goals. After listening to Disc 2 but once, I could not believe the very quantifiable results. It was that immediate and simple. As I wrote Michael Lovitch: 'I wish I had had this ''weapon'' years ago.'

Greg Oehm
Palatine, Illinois

I was absolutely amazed at how much my athlete improved his tournament level tennis performance after listening to Dr. Jack Singer's hypnotic techniques for the first time! One hour after listening, there was a remarkable difference.

Follow-up (2 months later):
Dr. Singer,
In 20 + years of coaching competitive tennis players I have never had a more effective tool for mentally preparing players for intense competition than your Hypnosis CD. The training you have made available to my nationally ranked student made an immediate positive impact on his performance. What makes your programs unique is that my student has maintained steady improvement with your program. Many programs work well in the short term but lack staying power. Your program has continued to improve performance and I have no doubt will benefit him in tennis as well life's ''competition.'' Wish I had had this tool when I was on the pro circuit!

Hermann Pappas
Elite Athlete Tennis Coach & Former Professional Tennis Player
Hattiesburg, MS

In a mellifluous voice, and brilliantly using stories, metaphor and music, Eric Greenleaf offers us a powerful way to prepare for life's unexpected events and challenges. Taking us on a journey where we equip ourselves with all that we will need along the way, we move first into a place of quiet, deep relaxation and then into deep trance.

This trance state ushers us through a preparation of mind, body, and spirit, together with feelings and actions, to help us find our own unique way to deal with this journey in life.

The CD encourages us to expect unexpected events, tests, performances, and trials along the road, and to prepare ourselves to remain calm and curious, and intrigued rather than overwhelmed by life's surprises and challenges. Dr. Greenleaf invites us to explore which tools to take with us on this life-long excursion, and identifies the many rich resources we all already have inside of us.

I plan to recommend this important and unusual presentation to my clients, colleagues and friends. Rich in detail, imagery and feeling, it can only be helpful to all of us as we face the challenges and surprises of living in an increasingly complex world.

Joan H. Cole, Ph.D., LCSW
Therapist and Training Supervisor

This audio weight loss program has made it super easy to stick to my eating and activity program! All my cravings have been banished, and I'm eating healthier than ever before. Not only that, I'm finally exercising on a consistent basis without even thinking about it.

Josh Bezoni
Your Slim Body Coach

Preparing for Uncertainty is an easy, peaceful introduction to the hypnosis world. One is very gradually guided into hypnotic trance and given a series of subtle suggestions about how to deal with the various situations encountered by all of us who live in this ever changing hectic world. I find the CD particularly useful in grounding myself when I am anxious about a specific situation or making an important decision.

Pat Salony

''The Productivity Engineering hypnosis CD series takes fairly common practices such as performance visualization to a whole new level. I've never experienced anything this effective ever before! This program works because the CD's tap into both, your conscious and subconscious minds. So often peak performance progams only engage the conscious or subconscious mind, the right brain or the left brain. But this program taps into them all, which is why it is so effective. The 'six breath' technique is invaluable because I can use it at any time to put myself instantly into a peak performance state. That comes in handy when you're on a tough sales call, going after venture capital funding, or about to give a make-or-break presentation. I am amazed at how I can instantly get into a peak performance state anytime I want and get positive results--even on days when I don't feel well or am over-tired. Now I know why Olympic athletes use these same approaches. They work! Say goodbye to low productivity days!''

Vicki Kunkel
Vicki Kunkel International
Author of: ''Instant Appeal: The 8 Primal Factors that Create Blockbuster Success.''

Enjoying Weight Loss is fabulous. Thought I forgot all about it yesterday, until I realized that I ate breakfast (which I rarely do), drank a lot of water, had a veggie dinner and DIDN'T EAT ANY SUGAR . . . A MIRACLE!

Can't convince me that this system does not operate on some level . . . even though you're not always conscious of it at the time. Thank you, Hypnosis Network.

Ann Carlo
Sag Harbor, New York

In Shared Couple's Trance, Michele Ritterman eloquently helps couples develop their skills in relationships. She guides partners to discover ways to build intimacy and closeness, and also to develop as separate and unique individuals within the relationship. Michele is creative and poetic in her use of language. She presents us with metaphors and stories that are fascinating, engaging and powerful. This CD is masterful and it has my highest recommendation.

Rita M. Sherr, L.C.S.W., B.C.D.
Director of Education and Training
The New York Milton H. Erickson Society for Psychotherapy and Hypnosis

Whether it's the hypnotic state that has led to my reduced procrastination, or simply the added focus I am giving to these areas by simply listening to the CDs, I have surely become more balanced, motivated, and focused by listening to the Productivity Engineering CDs.

Elizabeth Goldman
Senior Communications Specialist
Freddie Mac

The surgical patient's best chance for rapid recovery from surgery procedures would be to have Dr. Carol Ginandes at his/her bedside. Dr. Ginandes is internationally recognized for her ground breaking research in the role of hypnosis in accelerated healing of wounds and bones, and she is widely consulted for her profound clinical wisdom and expertise in mind-body healing.

In Smooth Surgery, Rapid Recovery: A Systematic Hypnotic Approach, Dr. Ginandes brings her inimitable healing presence to the ear of the recovering patient in a program of creative, structured, scientifically-informed self-hypnosis exercises. The Hypnosis Network is fortunate to have her on its panel of experts, and recovering patients who listen to her program may be quite amazed at just how well they do in their recovery.

Claire Frederick, M. D.
Tufts University School of Medicine
Past Editor, American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis
Co-author: Healing the Divided Self: Clinical and Ericksonian Hypnotherapy for Post Traumatic and Dissociative Conditions

Our 13-year-old daughter, Sarah, is a Junior Olympic USA Gymnast who has been training and competing for many years. After achieving State, Regional, and National recognition, she began to feel the pressure of competing, especially on the balance beam. In fact, her pre-meet anxiety had gotten so intense that it was beginning to affect her overall performance.

After one session with Dr. Jack's Core Sports Performance, we saw a huge difference in the way she approached her competitions. Within two weeks after listening to the program, she was able to 'nail' one of the biggest meets of her Level 9 season and capture a Silver Medal on Beam, Bars, and All-Around, as well as a Regional Vault Title and a spot on the Level 9 Eastern National Team. Thanks, Dr. Jack!

Terry Wolford
proud mother of Sarah Wolford
Tampa, Florida

The research is mounting: hypnosis can help you lose weight and keep it off longer . . . This set [Enjoying Weight Loss] has a lot to offer: a warm, fun hypnotist offering sound dietary advice and a variety of trances for a range of issues, from choosing a food plan to avoiding temptation.

SHAPE Magazine
reviewed by: Jean Fain, Harvard Medical School

Dr. Phillips has created a self-help CD with very appealing tempo, clarity, and appealing personal warmth. As with a master of any art form, her guidance is given without any wasted effort, without a wasted word. This keeps the instruction...easy to follow, adding to the self-confidence of anyone seeking relief from the burden of any headaches.

Leroy Egenberger, LMFT

Want to kick a habit or kick a field goal? Hypnosis works! I have used it with NFL players, Olympic athletes, and amateurs at all levels of competition for performance enhancement, pain management, and accelerated healing. It's safe, it's easy, and it's fun! The programs created by the therapists in The Hypnosis Network are winners! They can help you in sports, business, and in life.

Bob Reese, MA, ATC
New York Jets Head Athletic Trainer, 1977-96
Author: Develop the Winner's Mentality

When I received my review copy of Shared Couples Trance by Michele Ritterman Ph.D., I decided that rather than simply to listen with a view to critique this, I would take this programme for a real life test drive it instead.

I asked my long term partner to join me in the shared experience. He agreed, albeit reluctantly, and, as suggested, we found ourselves a comfortable place and the session began.

I remember thinking, ''This really is PURE Ericksonian Hypnotherapy at its very best . . . '' but lost consciousness soon after!

The two days following this session have been most surprising to us both. We began talking about issues that we had never addressed before, and I would really say that we began to look at each other in a whole new light. This is not something I would say lightly, nor is it something that I would have expected to have happened; after all, we have known each other for a very long time now and I'm sure we thought we'd gotten to the bottom of each other by now.

I can only say that this experience has been immeasurably valuable for us both as individuals AND for our relationship. I would personally like to express my gratitude for this unexpected turn of events to Michele, and for anyone thinking about using this programme, I would highly recommend that you give it a try.

It is a truly unusual chance to open doors that may otherwise have remained locked forever.

Silvia Hartmann
Author, Project Sanctuary

My doctor told me to get some help to stop smoking. The CDs were really relaxing and helped me get through busy stressful days. It all came together, I don't smoke and I'm much calmer overall. Good program. It worked for me.

Allan Randall
Roseville, CA

Michelle helped us to strengthen our relationship to become a nurturing and protective sanctuary in the face of adversity. She helped us to become even closer and more supportive of each other, and to this day I remember her words of wisdom and compassion.

Wes and Linda Robinson

Shirley McNeal is one of the most creative and well-reasoned voices in the field of clinical hypnosis today. Her contributions are always significant and often ground-breaking.

Claire Frederick, M. D.
Tufts University School of Medicine
Past Editor, American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis
Co-author: Healing the Divided Self: Clinical and Ericksonian Hypnotherapy for Post Traumatic and Dissociative Conditions

Hypnosis has been proven effective at building confidence, changing habits, and enhancing performance. That makes it a natural complement to the coaching process. Hypnosis Network is a reputable source for solid, ethical, and effective audio hypnosis programs. Many of their offerings address common challenges clients bring to coaching . . . No matter what your niche, you will find a title that will be perfect for your clients.

Marcy Nelson-Garrison
''Coaching Tools,'' in Choice: The Magazine of Professional Coaching, Vol. 3, Number 4, page 26.

I started listening to the Enjoying Weight Loss sessions about 2 weeks ago. I was at the end of my rope, and it's funny, because before I started I felt like I had been hypnotised to eat as much as I could, as fast as it would go down. I had been attempting to start the Weight Watchers program every day, only to stop at 18 points and have a complete binge.

Since using the hypnosis sessions, I have seen a complete turnaround. I no longer binge. It hasn't been perfect, but I have been following the plan, and when I do start to go off on a binge, it's so easy to stop myself. I also feel a lot happier. I feel great, but the best part -- I've lost 8 pounds in just 2 weeks. This is just what I needed!

Nicole Carr
Baltimore, MD

I didn't think the weight loss program was working. However, I baked for 5 days straight over the holidays. Normally, I can't stop eating chocolate. I am truly a choco-holic. I may have had 6 cookies the whole time! I just didn't want to eat all the sweets. When I did eat some, they didn't taste that good.

I think I made a mistake returning the discs so quickly. Can you send them back?

Kathy Parson
Sandoval, IL

I have purchased the Enjoying Weight Loss CD's and have been using them since Christmas. I am a lifetime Weight Watcher member who has been 15 pounds from goal weight for at least a year without any success at getting closer. I never put on any more than that, but I have been unable to get the last 15 pounds off to get back to my lifetime goal that I reached originally in 2000.

I, so far, think it is just hilarious how much I like my water now. I have also planned my meals ahead without thinking about it and I have gotten more exercise than I have in months. I think I was the only person in my WW home group who actually lost weight between Christmas and New Year's.

Kathy Hubbard
Lebo, Kansas
Weight Watchers Lifetime Member

Superb! I would never have believed the benefit that the Subconscious Sales Success Strategies CDs could bring to my business. The CDs contain great information that revolutionised the way I thought about things - especially on the aspect of dealing with rejection.

However, the real power came from the the second, third and subsequent times that I listened to them. Unbelievable! It was like my mind had been pointed in totally the right direction, told to sort out what I should be doing and catapulted out there. Why I had always struggled in the past became crystal clear. Better still, a complete action plan of what I needed to do to succeed in the future developed miraculously through my subconscious. At last, success in the one area of my business that I always hated dealing with! I cannot thank you enough.

Sue Maddock

Dr. Block explains how to easily apply effective, research-based techniques. His style is engaging and supportive. This approach will help men and their partners enhance their intimate time together. I heartily recommend this CD.

Sherry Henig, Ph.D.,
clinical psychologist

I am deeply enjoying your Productivity Engineering CDs. As it happened, I just started a new and challenging job the same week I received them, so I have been using the tools in your sessions with some regularity! I love the three-part breath, and the safety net is a fantastic image for me.

Martha Garvey
Author of My Fat Dog and My Fat Cat

Teaching stories are a time-honored way of transmitting wisdom. Dr. Dyckman skillfully presents such stories and combines them with the added therapeutic potential of the trance state. His program gives parents an opportunity to share this experience with their children while at the same time fostering an attitude of relaxation and curiosity.

Michael Reding, M.D.
Board Certified Child Psychiatrist

This company's, The Hypnosis Network, smoking program actually worked for me. This surprised me as I had tried hypnosis before and it had not worked for me. The company is top notch, and if you look at their therapists and product reviews you can see they are for real.

I decided to spend the money two months ago because nothing had worked for me, even hypnosis. I had a friend who knew of Dr. Gilchrist and had heard great things, but I do not live in California.

The program has 7 CDs which included 8 actual hypnosis sessions that not only helped me quit, but also helped with other issues like overeating and general relaxation. Long story short, I can't even imagine smoking anymore. I really think that just the first 4 sessions would have been enough, but maybe I will change my mind later.

Charles Brookside
Golden, Colorado

Ever felt like the more ''Knowledge'' you acquire, the more desperate you feel, because you still aren't creating the results you want?

You ''know'' what you're supposed to do, but you just aren't able to do it. That's because your conscious mind (your intellect) only controls 2%-4% of your results.

If you are serious about your sales success, it is time to invest in the ''Experience'' of Subconscious Sales Success Strategies and fuel the real driver behind your results: your unconscious mind.

Artemis Limpert
Coach and mentor to entrepreneurs
Body-for-Life Grand Champion 2000

I'm listening to track 3 at this point and I'm making better food choices. I'm eating out of smaller plates and bowls. This is something I would never have done before. I'm eating smaller portions of healthy foods. I just seem to be doing this because it feels right. It's almost like I can't help it. Is this the way it works?

Anna Crowley
Chestnut Mound, Tennessee

One very important pre-condition for overcoming test anxiety is the ability to relax before and during the test. Dr. Shirley McNeal's Test Taking Mastery is a powerful tool for maximizing your concentration and enhancing your test performance. In simple, easy-to-follow steps Dr. McNeal's soothing melodic voice leads you to that 'safe place' where you get in touch with your core strengths and marshal your inner energies. I recommend very highly Dr. McNeal's Test Taking Mastery not only for its value in coping with test anxiety but for its overall life-enhancing benefits.

Dick Methia
President, The Infinity Group
Director, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation project to train school leaders in data driven transformation of schools
Author of: Help Your Child Overcome Test Anxiety & Achieve Higher Test Scores

I am familiar with Shirley McNeal's 2-CD set Core Inner Strength. The program very cleverly guides the listener to experience a sense of self-esteem, which then forms the basis of a core inner strength, so that the person feels more confident and in control. When you truly believe that you are a worthwhile, unique person, you'll find that others react to you differently; they will perceive you in that light as well. One can face all situations -- even the most difficult and confrontational -- with confidence and poise. For example, after a few sessions, my wife Nicole felt a sense of empowerment that, she says, has made a big difference in her dealings with people at work.

Peter Shepherd
President and Founder
Tools For Transformation

The CD program is very well done. I especially liked the exercise on creating a new response to headache. I found Dr. Phillips' techniques helpful for better management of my chronic pain.

Janet Parker
Plymouth, Michigan

I highly recommend these CDs. Already I have benefited from the CDs by placing myself in a trance at bedtime to help me recover from the idiocy that is so prevalent in the public school system. I plan on using these CDs on all of my sons. They are all competitive athletes who train very hard. One is a division-one basketball player, and the rest are all working hard to attain that level in the sports they love. I really believe that this, along with correct training, technique work, and nutrition will help them all attain this goal.

Mike Oliverson
Football Coach
Preston, Idaho

This excellent, 2-CD hypnosis program to increase self-esteem and self-confidence by a masterful guide addresses a variety of key issues with intelligence and skill, such as releasing unhealthy perfectionism; learning from mistakes; realistic, healthy self-regard; and authenticity, so that listeners can find and access the strength that already lies within.

Belleruth Naparstek
Founder, Health Journeys

Eric Greenleaf shows you how to turn anxiety about change and uncertainty into calm curiosity about what the future may bring, and a feeling of flexible preparedness for anything.

Like an athlete's warm up exercises, this trance builds your confidence that you will be able to respond to life's stressful events in your own way, using your own strengths.

Judith Z. Gold

Being a personal coach and best selling author, I have been exposed to all kind of tools for personal growth. I rarely recommend products, but I can honestly say that the programs created by the Hypnosis Network are very effective for changing attitudes, habits, and behaviors. They have demonstrated a high level of integrity, ethics, and values. I whole heartedly recommend The Hypnosis Network.

Marcia Wieder
America's Dream Coach
Speaker & Author, Making Your Dreams Come True

I think that the content of the [CD] program is terrific. I particularly like it that you explain the physiology, make positive suggestions and explanations (I loved putting everything into that fist, in the anger CD!) -- good stuff!

Marlene Hunter, MD

I have been using the Enjoying Weight Loss CDs for about 3 months now and have had great success. Within the first 3 weeks I had lost over an inch of body fat all over my body -- without resorting to a rigid, restrictive diet, or even doing any exercise at all! I have now lost more than 3 inches all over!

I suffer from arthritis in my spine and problems with my hips, so exercise has become a bit of an issue for me in the past few years. However, since using the Enjoying Weight Loss CDs every single day, I have developed an easy walking plan, and have added in gentle stationary cycling and light weights. My body is changing shape, and I am feeling fitter, feeling stronger, and looking better than I have for a very long time.

I find it easy to make healthy eating choices and enjoy all of the foods that are good for me. Dr. Roberta tells us on the CDs that her voice will go with us every day. That is so true, and it is such a help -- like the voice of conscience. Foods that I once found totally irresistible, I now have absolutely no desire for -- just as Dr. Roberta says on the CDs! My ability to make good choices for myself has improved so much. I am so very grateful for the gift that Hypnosis Network has made available to ordinary people like me who have found losing weight difficult in the past.

Hypnosis Network has given me hope of getting back into shape and regaining the health and vitality I once enjoyed. I would recommend these CD products to anyone serious about losing weight and becoming healthy, happy individuals. Is it worth the investment? Absolutely!

Thank you for all your help in turning my weight loss problem into a weight loss program that is really working for me!

Nerida Wirriganwalters, 47
Gladstone, QLD Australia

When I take the time to listen to the four CD's in the order that you have suggested, cold calling becomes just another task at hand. I have actually found myself laughing at the rejections that people give me. Thank you very much, this is a very good investment. Oh, by the way, I have also experienced a more relaxed demeanor within myself when I am talking to people one-on-one about my business. This program has been the catalyst that has made the difference in the re-growth of my business.

Adrienne Savannah
Houston, Texas

Hypnosis: The Headache Solution by Dr. Maggie Phillips provides an easy and effective plan for managing headache pain. Her ideas and methods should be regarded as vital to include in any good self-help approach for headache sufferers.

Michael D. Yapko, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist

I'm a huge fan of The Hypnosis Network. Their sport improvement CDs are second to none because they prepare the athlete at the conscious and subconscious level. Outstanding work!

John Graden
Author: The Impostor Syndrome

Since your hypnosis, I am not only staying away from smoking, but I also stopped eating the junk food I used to eat. There were no fireworks. I am simply a new person--how I've wanted to be for a long time. This is wonderful!

Kim Johnson
Sacramento, CA

In the first CD of Smooth Surgery, Rapid Recovery, Dr. Ginandes introduces herself and gives a well-balanced and thoughtful introduction to hypnosis, dispelling myth and setting the stage for a patient-centered experience. The second CD focuses on preparation for surgery and surgery itself, and the the 3rd CD addresses recovery.

The instructions for use are clear, taking into account possible pitfalls and always remaining respectful of the patient's individuality. This elegantly and expertly overcomes the limitations which are posed by the fact that the speaker cannot see the reaction of the patient. The script also takes into account possible sabotage unknowingly interjected by the people the patient will meet in the hospital, or by the environment that the patient may encounter. Good practice instructions are given with a realistic approach for patients in the busy modern world with limited time available.

The text is well presented, with a nice balance between therapeutic and informative input without being presumptuous. The permissive approach allows patients to choose what fits best with their preferences and experiences, and thus greatly facilitates access to the benefits of hypnosis for a broad range of patient styles. Of the tapes and CDs on the market, this is one of the more truly valuable and helpful contributions which can be recommended.

Elvira V. Lang, MD, FSIR, FSCEH
Associate Professor of Radiology
Director, Nonpharmacologic Analgesia Program
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Harvard Medical School

As a smoking cessation aid, hypnosis has one very important benefit that other quit smoking tools aren't able to offer. Because it uses the power of positive suggestion to help you stop smoking, it actually has the ability to help you develop and strengthen your will and determination to succeed.

This hypnosis program is a solid tool to help you quit smoking. The user is given a wealth of information and support, along with several hours of quality hypnosis sessions that can be replayed frequently. Dr. Gilchrist is extremely effective at helping the listener relax and focus.

Guide Rating: 5 Stars

Terry Martin

I have been using the Enjoying Weight Loss CDs for 5 months in conjunction with my weight loss program. I have lost 25 lbs. so far. I know that the CDs have been an integral part of my weight loss. The program keeps me strong and on track, and helps me to avoid temptations. I still have about 10 lbs. more to lose, and I will continue on with the CDs.

Julie Walsh
Phoenix, AZ

This comprehensive set of procedures designed by a world-renowned expert in healing will help people reach their health goals. Meeting the challenge of surgery is extremely daunting. This program shows people how to constructively work on a day-by-day basis to achieve the best possible outcome. Patients will be empowered by taking an active role in their own recovery and healing.

Max P. Shapiro, Ph.D.
Director of Education and Research
New England Society of Clinical Hypnosis

I have listened on several occasions to Eric Greenleaf's hypnosis CD's. It is difficult for me to put into words the effect they have on me. The first time I listened I simply wanted to jump up and start practicing the piano; after that I would feel as if something deeply significant and healing were happening, as if I were coming into touch with my fullest level of living and being. They are satisfying and warming, and I look forward to many years of use of them.

Linda Schneider
Classical pianist, composer and teacher

Like software downloaded into your brain, Neil Fiore's Productivity Engineering CD's upgrade your work performance and mental attitude.

They're full of tips and techniques for working in the flow state, dealing with complex projects, and coping with your own perfectionism and other self-sabotaging behavior. If you want to learn how to be more productive in less time and have plenty of time for guilt-free fun, try these CD's. They've helped me immensely and I practice their tips on a daily basis.

They allow me to manage a world where laptops and cell phones let you work anywhere, anytime - even on family vacations and other previously sacred time. Neil's program helps you achieve balance, decrease stress, enjoy life more, and produce more than ever.

Kelly Imamura,
New York, NY

About two months ago, I started listening to Enjoying Weight Loss, your hypnosis CDs scripted and recorded by Dr. Roberta Temes. Not only did I want to lose about 15 pounds, I also needed to find a way to adhere to a rather strict hypoallergenic diet without feeling deprived. Over these past two months, I've lost ten pounds and haven't been seriously tempted to eat any of the foods off limits to me.

Being hypnotized by Dr. Roberta has led to two major changes. Now, I eat much more slowly and stop when I'm full, something I never used to do. More importantly, I have sustained an exercise program for two months (a personal record) and look forward to exercising every day -- something I never thought would be possible. In the past, if I was exercising on a regular basis but the exercise was interrupted, by illness, for example, I would never resume. Recently, though, I had the flu, and as soon as I felt well enough, I was actually anxious to started exercising again.

Whenever I am in a hypnosis session with Dr. Roberta, I don't want it to end because I feel so relaxed and warm. I wish I could thank her personally for her wonderful CDs.

Several weeks ago, I wrote a letter about how effective Dr. Roberta Temes' CD program had been in helping me lose weight and maintaining an exercise program. I've finally reached my goal weight and not only do I continue to exercise, I look forward to it every day--something I never thought could happen.

Deena Parker
Columbia, Missouri

Dr. Jack Singer's Core Sports Performance CD is a 360 slam dunk for any athlete at any level who desires to gain a competitive edge. This is a wonderful tool for the development of mental focus and emotional control, skills that all elite athletes possess. I can tell you for sure that my NBA career would have been positively enhanced with these state of the art techniques.

Dick Gibbs
Former NBA Player
Houston Rockets
Seattle Sonics
Washington Bullets
Atlanta Hawks

The CD program was very helpful. There was an incredible amount of information on pain that is delivered in a concise and easy to understand format. There were lots of helpful exercises. I have a much better understanding of what I'm up against now and how to handle it.

. . . The relax-release breathing method really helped me relax, which I am usually not able to do with relaxation exercises.

Claire Walsh
Washington, DC.

Dr. Singer, you have touched my life in ways I would not have thought possible. Listening to your Sports Healing CD series not only eradicated my back pain, but it became completely healed (which the doctors said would only happen through surgery). I was back mountain climbing within a matter of a few short weeks! Thank you so are the greatest!

Richard Matta
Mountain Climber
Las Vegas, Nevada

The smoking hypnosis CDs worked flawlessly for me. I was very skeptical of what progress I would make using this product, but figured with the 100% guarantee for one year, I had nothing to lose.

I was still smoking when I started the program. By the second or third CD, Dr. Gilchrist was talking about how I was an ex-smoker. I thought about the fact that I was still smoking, and decided the following day was going to be the first day of the rest of my healthy life. I have not touched a cigarette since that night, and I feel great.

My biggest fear was going to the bars or other social situations where my friends would smoke. I purposely put myself to that test one week after quitting. I had absolutely no urge to smoke and realized at that point that my mindset truly was changed as Dr. Gilchrist said it would. I started looking at the ashtrays as dirty disgusting things, and I watched the smoke roll out of people's mouths and I was disgusted by it. I couldn't believe that used to be me.

I finished this program and it only took me one time through. I know now that I am done and will never go back. My breathing is better, my stamina is better, and overall, I feel 100% better.

I am not being paid to write this testimonial and I am only doing it for one reason: these CD's work. As I have told all my smoker friends, why not give $100 or so a chance on something that is guaranteed? Once you make that first step, you will be taking the first steps to a healthy, withdrawal-free life. Thank you so much!

Adam Augst
St. Paul, MN

With three victories this year, I feel great about my game, but Dr. Singer's relaxation tips have been of practical use to me on the course, especially when I face trouble shots. I relax my hands and shoulders, then take a very light grip even in the deepest of trouble, and have had great success recovering.

Gibby Martens
Grey Goose Tour Professional
San Antonio, TX

Dr. Singer's Core Sports Hypnosis Series has helped me refine and perfect my mental approach to be successful in racing and life in general.

Chris Ulrich
Professional Motorcycle Roadracer
2001 WERA National Endurance Champion
2001 1000cc Suzuki Cup Champion
2-time AMA Superstock Winner

I would certainly recommend Core Sports Performance. Mental prep is important, and this is an effective, easy way to do it. There are no side-effects, no allergic reactions and no pain. You can even do it when you're injured or sore.

Adam Wannemacher
Middletown, OH
Body Builder
Computer Engineering Student

Dear Dr. Greenleaf, what a wonderful CD! I had been really stressed out about upcoming surgery . . . sleepless nights, irritability at work, a near miss accident in the car . . . a total mess emotionally. Your CD put me right back on track. It was like a travel guide to serenity. I owe you much. Thank you.

R.L. Fuentes
Graphic Designer

Dr. Dyckman has crafted a warmly appealing set of children's folk tales, designed to assist children in dealing with their fears and anxieties. The companion introduction for parents provides a reassuring overview of the naturalistic process of hypnosis. A wonderful contribution to resources for children!

Marilyn Lindsey, Ph.D.,
Child Psychologist

I am a Weight Watchers Lifetime member. I lost 50 lbs. and kept it off for 2 years. Maintenence was tough and scary for me. At the first sign of trouble in my family, I went immediately to my old habits. I developed an ''I don't care'' attitude and fed it with comfort/stress eating. I gained the 50 lbs. back, and then an EXTRA 20!! So now I am on the path to lose the 70 lbs. I started and stopped my program about 6 times last year and could not get motivated.

I bought the CDs after reading about them on I can't thank you enough . . . I am back in control and the best part is, I am not STRESSED about it!!! I work the program every day with ease since the hypnosis CDs. This is my third week on plan with the CDs, and I am already down 8 lbs, but more importantly, I am exercising without complaining, drinking my water, and making good choices!!! This is what I needed!! I have told TONS of people about this hypnosis program, in hopes they will find control as well. Thanks, Hypnosis Network!!!!

Rochelle Johnson
Santa Clarita, CA

As an internet entrepreneur, believe me: I have multiple projects going at all times! After listening to Productivity Engineering just one time, I found myself much better equipped to tackle projects I'd been avoiding.

And in all areas of my life, I have noticed an increase in my productivity. In fact, I've been taking more time off and working less--yet I'm still getting more done than ever before! Finally, I feel like I'm getting ahead.

Ryan Healy
President, Healy Marketing
Littleton, Colorado

Thanks so much for your wonderful product. I wouldn't have been able to been able to make through my trip to the oral surgeon without your product. I have to admit I did use nitrous oxide, too. The shot straight through the roof of my mouth, among the other painful procedures, would have been impossible for me to go through without your audio CD. Thank you very much.

Julie M. Kalman
Olivette, MO

I wanted to thank you for your help. Your excellent CDs on smooth surgery were very helpful in preparing for and passing through my surgical procedure. Just as your CDs suggested, I found the surgery went smoothly and I am healing very quickly, faster than I had expected.

I am very thankful for having found your CDs at just the right time in my life. I will continue to use them through my recovery and for the future.

Barbara Benoliel Ph.D.

Since Jack began working with one of my senior cross country girls, with his Core Sports Performance Program, I have seen a pronounced and notable change in the manner in which she approaches her race and, by extension, her running performance. In spite of being in a state of emotional/mental crisis from the outset of the season (which extends back over a year), during the entire last 5 weeks of the season she has been the most consistent runner on the team, and this increased confidence also served to reinforce her leadership. She was a big reason why my girls team qualified for the Oregon State Championships. Jack and his program deserve a great deal of credit for her turnaround.

Coach John Cornet
Southern Oregon

I was very skeptical but called and talked to someone in sales and was reassured that there is no gimmick -- money back within a year if you aren't happy. So -- I started using them in early April. I have to date lost 16 pounds and never ONCE deviated from the WW program. I am walking 45 minutes a day 6-7 days a week, drinking way more water and even was able to go away for a weekend and stay on plan in airports and hotels. Needless to say, I am very pleased.

I am now down 20 pounds and still have not had any problems with stress eating (my lifetime habit is to overeat). I am also walking close to 5,000 steps per day now (a little over 2.5 miles) and into a size 16 from a 20/22 and people are finally beginning to notice. I personally thank you for your program even though I don't understand how it works. I am starting to like who I see in the mirror.

Syndi Ellison
Advertising & Finance Manager
Washington State Magazine

Before I'd even contemplate recommending a program of hypnosis to anyone with self-esteem issues, I'd need to be satisfied on two counts. One, that the program itself worked, and two that the people selling the program had real integrity.

On all counts the Hypnosis Network exceeded my expectations. I am happy to recommend them both for their product quality and overall professionalism.

Alison Finch
Founder and Creator of
April 17th, 2005

This has been my first successful experience with hypnosis. I have tried similar products in the past without results, but am glad I persevered and found this professional program. The CD's are masterfully done. The variety in technique presentation, the calming voice of the narrator, and the usefulness of the information presented is unsurpassed. All the suggestions are based on sound nutritional research and are effective in replacing unhealthy eating habits.

I have used the program for just 10 days and have lost 6 lbs.. What is most amazing after all my failed attempts at weight loss is the ease of sticking with my program since using the CD's! For the first time in my adult life I feel like I am in control of my response to food, and believe I am incorporating all those healthy eating habits that have eluded me in the past. It feels wonderful to go through the day without obsessing over food, and feeling fulfilled rather than deprived. I can definitely see these as lifetime, lifestyle changes. Thank you for the wonderful tool!

Angela Roberts
Somerville, New Jersey

John Dyckman's entrancing creations are likely to be helpful not only to children with common problems and the parents who are concerned about them, but to anyone who enjoys a good story. We all respond to folk tales: Dr. Dyckman has managed the trick of creating yarns which teach and comfort as they entertain. They also have the ability to bridge cultural differences: his account of ''the caterpillar who didn't want to change'' enchanted audiences when I was recently lecturing in Japan. These stories are not only well crafted, but beautifully delivered . . . I recommend them most highly!

Robert Rosenbaum, PhD
author, Zen and the Heart of Psychotherapy
Chief, Neuropsychology Services, Kaiser Permanente,
Oakland, California

My daughter is an 8-year-old with primary enuresis. We have tried letting her outgrow her bedwetting with no success. We have tried the lifting technique. We have also tried waking her up periodically. All with no success.

We purchased a bedwetting alarm and this CD and started using them at the same time. The first week she was wetting her bed 1-2 times a night. The second week she had 3 dry nights and wet once only on the other nights. Week three she also had 3 dry nights, 2 nights of wetting once, and one night of wetting twice. The fourth week she had 4 dry nights and 3 nights with one wetting. The fifth week was 7 dry nights (a total of 9 straight dry nights)! The sixth week, which is not finished yet, has been 6 dry nights.

I personally feel that this behavior change is from the hypnosis CD. The alarm is supposed to train them to learn to wake up when they feel their bladder is full, where the CD seems to train their brain to use their muscles to hold their urine until morning.

Rene Gonzales
Denver, Colorado

Dr. Maggie Phillips has created an excellent program for the relief of headache pain. Dr. Phillips puts the control of the pain in the patient's hands, thereby empowering the sufferer . . .

Giving a concrete explanation of what hypnosis is, Dr. Phillips takes the mystery out of the process, and introduces new options to relieve suffering. She specifically names the possible causes of headaches, and ways to combat them, while describing alternative ways of dealing with the discomfort. Her CD gives headache sufferers hope for a more optimistic and successful resolution of their pain.

Joanne Lacomb
San Francisco, CA

Hypnosis: The Pain Solution by Dr. Maggie Phillips is a sound, compassionate, and well-structured program that offers many different therapeutic possibilities for people suffering debilitating painful conditions. I appreciate its intent as well as its range of methods, and I highly recommend it as a vital part of any multi-dimensional pain treatment program.

Michael D. Yapko, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist

When you hear her voice, you'll know she's the real thing. I lost 52 pounds, and to this day when I look at a piece of cake, I hear words in my head saying, ''I can't eat that.''

Ronnie Aboff,
Catering Chef, New York City

The first step in creating powerful, positive change in your life is to admit that change is needed. In my book, The Official Guide to Success, I teach the power of self-instructions for overcoming whatever is holding you back from achieving your heart's desire. These programs, developed by highly respected professionals, will help you reprogram old thoughts and beliefs that are keeping you from growing and achieving the greatness that's within you. Cut your chains to the past. Lose your self-imposed mental handicaps and enjoy the success of your dreams.

Tom Hopkins
Author of How to Master the Art of Selling
Founder of Tom Hopkins International

After 30 years as America's foremost sex therapist, Lonnie Barbach still has some new things to teach us. Using hypnosis techniques in innovative, down-to-earth ways, Lonnie helps listeners to slow down and actually develop alternatives to performance pressure and anxiety.

These CDs offer the best kind of teaching--they guide men and women in accessing our own wisdom. Lonnie explicitly focuses on each person's uniqueness, and explains how this relates to sexual choices and satisfaction.

Anyone listening to these CDs will learn how to listen to their own heart and their own body. Combined with wonderful examples and metaphors, professional pacing, and obvious compassion, Lonnie and her partner offer a comprehensive, realistic program for improving sexual pleasure and intimacy.

Marty Klein, Ph.D. Sex Therapist
Publisher, Sexual Intelligence
Palo Alto, CA

The CD programs from the Hypnosis Network are nothing short of amazing!! It's probably one of the toughest things to accomplish as a clinician . . . to change a mindset of a patient, even if it's for their own good and they truly want to alter their lifestyle, habits, psychological patterns of thinking, etc. We as doctors can set up protocol after protocol to help people on the road to wellness, but if they are not totally convinced on a core level . . . forget it!

I have been using the Enjoying Weight Loss program with my patients who tell me they don't even think about ''bad'' food anymore . . . it's just a fact in their mind. They find it easy to change self-destructive behavior and ''stay with the program'' that I recommend. This has always been my biggest challenge as a clinician.

Dr. Deborah Baker-Racine
Huntsville, Canada

I've been listening to the Subconscious Sales Success Strategies CD program for about 3 weeks now. It's funny . . . I find myself just picking up the phone and making the calls I need to make instead of spending several minutes (or -- and I am embarrassed to say -- in some cases hours) deliberating about whether or not to call. Thank you for making such a wonderful program available to us.

Jennifer Gage Ph.D.

Before I'd even contemplate recommending a program of hypnosis to anyone with self-esteem issues, I'd need to be satisfied on two counts. One, that the program itself worked, and two that the people selling the program had real integrity.

On all counts the Hypnosis Network exceeded my expectations. I am happy to recommend them both for their product quality and overall professionalism.

Alison Finch
Founder and Creator of
April 17th, 2005

I like how you explained how pain works in the body . . . The explanation of the fight and flight mode of our body is helpful to understand what the body has to go through to protect itself. It's interesting learning how the body and mind work together in so many ways. I liked each time you referred to the body and how it is wired.

I also liked listening to you talk about how important relaxation is for healing pain. Meditation has been a key factor in my recovery from pain . . . the pain relief from fully teaching the body to relax with meditation is priceless . . . Learning how to sit with and determine what's going on in my body gives me the information to change my pain level.

I liked the ball of pain exercise. This was very relaxing and helpful for me.

Rhonda Golkin
Pain patient

Over all I have enjoyed this series of sessions and have been able to benefit from them both athletically and professionally. I would recommend this to anyone who may be having trouble breaking a performance plateau. When used as directed they are a very good tool to enhance both the enjoyment and performance in a sport. Of all the times I have re-examined and reworked my lifting and eating programs, I had never once bothered to look at my mindset as a factor of performance. My enthusiasm, confidence, and actual performance have increased, and I speculate that they will continue to improve as I continue to use these sessions.

I have also prepped and teased a few of my lifting buddies who are interested in this. They definitely want to give this series a listen.

Peter J. McCracken
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

How about that? It actually works. My wife didn't believe that I could do it. It took a couple times through, but I am not smoking any more. I have extra money to take my wife out now. We both thank you.

Jay Rogers
Winnemucca, Nevada

What a stimulating journey into the unknown in Preparing for Uncertainty!

From initial image to final resolution, Dr. Greenleaf illustrates a deep understanding of what we experience as we face life's uncertainties. He offers us a wealth of practical suggestions on how to deal with such doubts, fears, anxieties, and questions. These down-to-earth ideas humanize our concerns and, at the same time, affirm our abilities to handle their multi-layered challenges.

He does not stop there, however; from the kaleidoscope of the ordinary world, he lifts us into a larger, more universal perspective. From here we glimpse possibilities of self-knowledge we only dimly realized we might have. This is Wisdom Healing at its best. Buy this program.

Lois Silverstein, Ph.D., REAT
Expressive Arts Therapist, Writer

Success and peak performance start with your beliefs about yourself and the world. Being consistently productive and fearless in your prospecting is absolutely a function of a well-honed mindset. The Hypnosis Network audio programs can help you to create a winning mindset so that you can become a success and reach your full potential.

Brian Tracy
Chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International
Author of The Psychology of Selling and The Art of Closing the Sale

I recently hit my foot into the door jam - breaking my little toe and bruising the side of my foot badly. This could not have happened at a worse time as I am training for a state power-lifting meet that is less than 10 days away! Well I had recently received your Pain Management CD program and figured there was no time like the present to try it out. I sat down and listened to the CD focusing on my foot. Shortly after listening I was to go to the gym and Dead-lift -- I was not sure how the training session was going to go, but much to my surprise I was able to train virtually pain free. Now just three days later the pain in my foot is almost gone and training is going great!

Malinda Baum
Two-time World Firefighter Games Power lifting Champion
Killeen, Texas

Maggie Phillips is a superb clinician. In hypnosis we treat patients/clients with words, and her smooth, mellifluous, and cadenced presentation will assuage anyone who is willing to listen.

Dabney M. Ewin, MD, FACS
Clinical Professor of Surgery and Psychiatry,
Tulane University Medical School
Clinical Professor of Psychiatry,
Louisiana State University Medical School

Dr. Neil Fiore's CD set on Productivity Engineering takes the user into a trance that can be easily used to free subconscious blocks to effective goal setting and optimal performance. It is general enough to be useful over the full range of life activities, including health improvement, athletic performance, self-esteem enhancement, and professional development.

In reviewing these CDs, I systematically went through the program and used each CD for my own personal and professional development. They are versatile enough to help users across a broad spectrum of experience, from a total neophyte in autogenic training to someone who is professionally familiar with it such as myself.

Through the use of Dr. Fiore's CDs I became aware of how I have been subtly 'hypnotized' over time into unproductive patterns of behavior that detract from leading a more full and productive life. Since using these CDs I have been able to get into 'the Zone of my optimal performance' both professionally (teaching, training, and performing psychotherapy) and personally (home improvement projects, playing music, being a husband and a father). I have succeeded in losing a couple of bad habits that I wasn't even aware of having. For instance, eating cookies to avoid fears associated with a difficult medical-legal report and watching sports on TV to avoid an internal conflict about what I think I should be doing.

I feel Dr. Fiore's hypnotic suggestions working subtly in the background of my conscious mind and I find myself more efficient and productive while at the same time more relaxed and confident in my work. I have patients for whom this program of productivity engineering will work well with the analytic therapy we are doing. Prescribing these CDs will greatly accelerate our work of deconstructing their self-defeating patterns. I whole-heartedly recommend Dr. Fiore's CDs for anyone interested in improving their productivity.

Michael Gray, Ph.D.
Developmental and Clinical Psychologist
Albany, California

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Our Privacy Policy

We honor all people as unique individuals and will NEVER share any correspondence (whether it be written or verbal) with anyone outside of the company without your written consent.

Furthermore, it is our commitment to protecting the privacy rights of anyone who visits our site.

We collect email addresses of those who ask to receive free downloads of our products, those who subscribe to our newsletter, those who sign up for our free teleseminars, and of customers who order products.

We will only use these email addresses to send you unique product offerings and discounts, information about your order, or information specific to lists you may subscribe to. You will always have the option of removing yourself from a list by following a link that is at the bottom of all of our newsletters.

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