Hypnosis Audio Programs for Your Success

Three of our programs develop positive personality traits. Core Inner Strength builds self-esteem and self-confidence, Mental Toughness enhances your resilience and persistence, and Preparing for Uncertainty teaches you to step out into the unknown without fear.

Other programs target specific situations. Overcoming Fear of Flying teaches you to eliminate fear and feel comfortable while traveling by air. Overcoming Performance Anxiety helps you to speak or perform confidently in public, Productivity Engineering aims to eliminate procrastination and help you achieve your goals, Test-Taking Mastery helps conquer test anxiety and raise your test scores, and Workplace Survival Skills improves your business communication.

End Procrastination

Procrastination keeps you from your goals. Learn to reprogram your mind so that work feels interesting & easy. Become a person who gets things done!
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overcome procrastination

Set Goals

Eliminate unsuccessful patterns that have prevented you from achieving your goals in the past. Instill drive, determination, and plan every step to success.
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set goals

Sales Success

To sell, you must generate hot prospects and reach the decision-maker. Overcome fear of cold-calling, organize your sales efforts, & prevent burnout.
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overcome subconscious blocks

Increase Self Confidence

Self-confidence is built on healthy self-esteem. This program helps you access the strength you already have, building confidence & power.
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build self-esteem

Overcome Fear of Flying

Your fear of flying may have prevented you from visiting family, celebrating special occasions, or getting the job of your dreams. Eliminate it now!
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eliminate your fear of flying

End Test Anxiety

Exams are critical. This program will prepare you to study effectively, retain maximum information, increase your concentration, and ace the test.
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conquer test anxiety

Improve Communication

Learn to successfully navigate in today's complex workplace. By thinking strategically & building alliances, you will never be the victim of office politics again.
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improve your business communication

Overcome Stage Fright

Stop the fear. Whether you are speaking or performing, this program will help you perform at your absolute best. Learn to be positive & love the spotlight!
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speak confidently in public

Stick to Your Goals

Reach your goals and gain the ability to keep going even when things get tough. Learn to stay positive, refocus quickly, and get back to solving the problem.
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build resilience and persistence

Tackle Anything

Life is full of surprises, but you can give yourself the advantage of preparation. This program will enhance your ability to feel safe & relaxed in new situations.
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embrace uncertainty