Optimize Your Sports Performance by Using Your Mind

Hypnosis is the secret weapon used by many star athletes to bring their mind into their game for peak performance. Now you can harness the same power. Core Sports Performance, by noted sports psychologist Dr. Jack Singer, teaches breathing, visualization, optimism, and emotional balance.

Injuries are part of sports, but you don't want them to linger. Use Accelerated Sports Healing to heal sports injuries quickly and regain activity.

Sometimes old injuries do cause nagging pain. Dr. Singer's Advanced Sports Pain Management program helps increase your pain threshold, ultimately reducing your need for medication.

Hypnosis for Athletes

Learn concentration, intensity, breathing, visualization, optimism, and emotional balance. Shut out doubt and anxiety for peak performance. Star athletes do!
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Manage Pain

Are nagging injuries and chronic pain slowing you down? Hypnosis is a safe way to increase your pain threshold - ultimately reducing the need for meds.
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Heal Injuries Faster

Athletes often lose their ability to heal quickly, as injuries slow down the immune system & healing processes. Hypnosis can accelerate your healing rate.
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