Improve Your Health & Wellness with Professional Hypnosis

Enjoying Weight Loss will help you eat right, exercise more, and lose weight easily, while The Non-Smoker's Edge will help you quit smoking for good. Our newest program, Weight Loss for Life, aims directly at the five reasons why diets fail, including stress and emotional eating. Perfect Pressure Healthy Heart helps you to increase relaxation, dial down stress, and normalize blood pressure.

Hypnosis: The Headache Solution helps stop chronic or migraine headaches. Hypnosis: The Pain Solution is for those who need to manage chronic pain. Choose Smooth Surgery, Rapid Recovery to prepare for surgery and speed healing afterwards.

Managing Stress and Anxiety will help you stay healthy in the midst of a busy life. Anger Mastery has been created to help you respond with calmness to any anger or frustration-provoking situation. Try The Hypnosis Experience for Ericksonian hypnosis to access the resources of your unconscious mind. And Relieving Dental Anxiety helps conquer fear of dental treatment or dental surgery.

Lose Weight

You make a plan, choose a diet, and try to exercise - but it's impossible to stick to it. Turn your weight loss program around with the power of hypnosis.
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lose weight with hypnosis

Lower Blood Pressure

This comprehensive hypnosis program was designed to help you achieve deep levels of relaxation in order to help lower blood pressure.
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lower blood pressure

Mind Body Weight Loss

End stress eating, control cravings with tapping, curb social drinking, and feel your stomach shrinking. Harness this complete mind-body medicine program.
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Mind and body weight loss

Quit Smoking

Extensive program combines eight sessions of smoking-cessation hypnosis with behavior modification & smoking aversion therapy. You CAN stop smoking.
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quit smoking with hypnosis

Manage Stress & Anxiety

Stress eats away at your health. But hypnosis can reduce stress & strengthen the immune system. Experience total relaxation, plus stress & anxiety management.
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stay healthy in the midst of stress

Master Your Anger

Life can be irritating and overwhelming, but how you respond to that frustration is your choice. Use hypnosis to eliminate life's daily frustrations.
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master your anger

Surgery Recovery

Professional hypnosis can facilitate a successful surgery and speed healing afterwards. Reduce anxiety, ease through surgery, & quicken recovery.
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prepare for surgery with hypnosis

End Chronic Pain

Designed for chronic pain sufferers who haven't found relief, this program teaches how pain works in the body, and gives you the tools to overcome it.
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manage chronic pain

Ericksonian Hypnosis

Elegant hypnosis sessions from a master teacher to expand your awareness, enrich your life, connect your mind and body, & help you to reach your goals.
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Ericksonian mind-body hypnosis

End Migraines

Headache pain can take over your life. Learn to stop headaches before they begin, in 4 simple steps, from Dr. Maggie Phillips, pain control expert.
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overcome chronic headaches

End Dental Phobia

Unable to visit the dentist or face dental surgery? This program will help you relieve even the most extreme anxiety related to dental work.
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conquer fears of dental treatment