Help Your Child Grow and Learn Using Hypnosis

Exhausted by your child's bedwetting? There IS a solution. Sammy the Elephant and Mr. Camel is a charming bedtime story that will help your child enhance his or her self-control. Using hypnotic techniques, Dr. Joyce Mills will gently work to build your child's self-esteem, excitement about learning, ability to deal with criticism, and bladder control.

Hypnotic bedtime stories are a fabulous teaching medium. Five Funny Critters, developed specifically for children aged 5-7, contains five bedtime stories featuring animal characters. In a folktale style, Dr. John Dyckman addresses the age-appropriate issues of fear, change, consistent sleep, starting school, and interacting with others.

Build Life Skills

Developed specifically for children aged 5-7, these five stories address the issues of fear, change, sleep, school, and interacting with others.
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build character through stories

End Bed Wetting

Help your child overcome bedwetting, simply by relaxing with a delightful bedtime story. Also builds self-esteem & the ability to handle criticism.
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end bedwetting