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Here is a sampling of products that we have reviewed and that we recommend:

Dr. Al Sears's PACE Program

PACE is an exercise program created by anti-aging expert Dr. Al Sears. Read more about how Dr. Sears's unique style of interval training can help strengthen your heart.

EcoSlim: The Psychologist's Choice for Healthy Weight Loss

An herbal supplement to help with chemical or hormonal imbalance and/or nutritional deficiencies. Developed by a South African licensed clinical psychologist, and used now for over 12 years by clinicians worldwide.

ThinkTQ: Understand Your Own Thinking

ThinkTQ has created a self-test and analysis for quality thinking. Read more about the first self-development framework that is based on data and not just opinion.

Ultimate Colon Cleanse: Drop Extra Weight

A special mini-report on colon health. Did you know most of us are carrying around an extra 5-10 pounds of unwanted weight INSIDE our colons?