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What Can a Simple Test Reveal About Your Thinking?


Last November, I sent this list an email about a test I had taken a few months earlier.

It wasn't a test to achieve a grade or a credential. Instead, it was a self-study tool that had revealed some critical holes in my thinking.

Yes, it's true; I'm not a perfect thinker . . . yet.

It has now been about 10 months since taking the test and receiving the analysis of my results. The changes I have made because of it have definitely made an impact on my life. No, I haven't seen miracles, but I have seen definite results in both my productivity and in my sense of moving forward in the right direction.

Without the test and the subsequent analysis, I never would have known what to change.

This test was created by a Colorado company called ThinkTQ. These guys are what I would call "data heads." I say that as an honest compliment – they're always crunching data to learn more about what makes people tick, and how to help all of us achieve more.

I have since become friends with their CEO, ER Haas. ER is one of those guys who's both crazy and brilliant.

Here's what we figured out:

For people interested in improving their lives, TQ is a perfect complement to our hypnosis programs. And our hypnosis programs enable people going through the TQ program to obtain better results faster.

It really is nice when things work out this way.

Anyway, last November I convinced ER to allow our readers to take the same test I took, at no cost. (They normally charge over $150.)

The response from those who took him up on it has been uniformly positive, so I wanted to give our new readers the same chance this year.

ER agreed, and is also going to add a new ebook that they created that's receiving great reviews.

There is a lot more I could say about the work that ThinkTQ does. But since they are offering the test at no charge, I think the best thing to do is just to be quiet and let you read what they have to say:

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Michael Lovitch
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