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A New Take On Cardio:

A Review of Dr. Al Sear's PACE Program


When you are in my position, you get a lot of people who want you to try their products and/or programs.

The first decision I have to make is always whether or not to try a particular program. Once I try something, the second decision is if the product is worth recommending.

I decline to do most of the reviews because it's clearly evident that the advertised claims don't hold water. I also have to protect my time. Of the products I do review, I rarely recommend one. So far, in two years, I have only recommended 2 products. Today will be my third.

As with the other two, I am using this program myself and will continue to use it. It is also the one I am most excited about because the results have been so tangible.

This is the thing: We get emails and calls almost every day asking if we have a "recommended" exercise program to go with Dr. Temes's hypnosis program for losing weight. So far, we have never provided any advice on this subject. Her program just makes it far easier to actually "do" the exercise program that you've chosen on a consistent basis.

Exercise less - and lose more fat?

Last December, I was asked to review an exercise program created by Dr. Al Sears. He claimed, among other things, that by following his exercise program for less than 20 minutes a day, a person could lose more fat than through extended cardio sessions. He even claimed you could lose more fat than you would by lifting weights AND doing long cardio workouts combined.

Personally, I was doing the latter (lifting weights, and then doing about 45 minutes on the elipticycle 4-5 times week). I was also playing a lot of basketball.

Time is a big issue with me, and the thought of only working out for 15-20 minutes and getting better results was enticing. However, I was more than skeptical.

So I read his ebook and also listened to the audio presentation. He made a pretty compelling case, and backed it up with actual research.

I was still skeptical, but because a good friend and doctor had also recommended it, I decided to give it a month and see what happened. (By the way, Dr. Sears is a medical doctor with a thriving anti-aging practice.)

I'm down 15 pounds, and my fitness has improved

It should be obvious that I lasted longer than a month, since I am still using it. Since December, my resting heart rate has gone from 70 to below 60, I have lost about 15 pounds and have not lost any strength or muscle, and I have significantly more endurance when I play basketball now than when I was doing 45 minutes a day of cardio.

I have not changed my eating patterns, and best of all, I don't go to the gym anymore after work unless there is a basketball game going on.

I am sure you want to know how the program works. I will write a little about it, but because my expertise is not exercise science, I don't want to distort the facts.

I decided that the best way for me to introduce it to you would be for me to interview Dr. Sears myself and allow you to listen to the recording. This way, nothing will be lost in translation.

Here's a brief version so you can decide if you're interested in hearing the interview:

In Dr. Sears' program, instead of doing long cardio workouts, you do extremely short bursts of maximum exertion. Then you let your heart rate go down to about 20 points above its resting rate. And then you repeat this cycle. You can do this for as little as 10 minutes a day, but definitely no longer than 20 minutes per day.

There is a LOT more to it, but I think it is best to listen to the interview for the specifics.

If you prefer to read about it on Dr. Sears' site, just go to:

A second interview just for program users

I also interviewed Dr. Sears a second time regarding some questions I had once I was using his program. (I tend to over-analyze things, and although his book is clear in retrospect, my own hesitation made me unsure of whether I was "doing it right." As you know, this can be very frustrating!)

In this interview (designed for people who already have the program), I was able to ask detailed questions, annoy Dr. Sears with my persistent questions, and validate my use of PACE.

People who have listened to this second interview say that it makes PACE ten times as easy to use and much quicker to implement than without it.

If you do end up getting the program, which is only $27, Dr. Sears will include this second interview with me.

Here's the link again to learn more:

Anyway, sorry for two reviews in a row, but I felt it was time to share this with you. I've been talking it up to my friends and family for months, and they're ready for me to get my excitement out of my system. Maybe this will do it.

I am not an affiliate for Dr. Sears, and I am not getting paid for this review.

signature - Michael Lovitch
Michael Lovitch
Co-Founder, The Hypnosis Network

P.S. Two weeks ago I reviewed Stephen Pierce's brain entrainment CD. Please email me your feedback as you try the program. I really want to know what your experience is like. It will also help me to decide if I can continue recommending it in the future.

I received some questions about whether you should continue subscribing to his CDs (a new CD is sent every month). I can't really answer that, as the only one I reviewed was Volume 1. It was the only one that was compelling to me. I won't vouch for anything I haven't heard. I still use Volume 1 in the mornings to give myself a lift.

My advice is to look at the titles coming and decide whether they interest you. If not, just cancel. I will ask Stephen if you can order them a la carte, but at the moment it doesn't look that way.

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