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Your Brain and Your Memories


I was overwhelmed by the responses to my last newsletter. Over 600 of you replied to me that you wanted me to expand upon the last article.

More specifically, you wanted me to expand upon this comment:

"The research on this is solid. You do not remember things as they were; you remember bits and pieces and construct the rest."

I will be expanding upon this in a big way in my next newsletter.

I contacted a leading brain science researcher at a major university who will make sure that I get it right. So thank you, as I would not have made this contact otherwise, and I simply love this stuff!

In preparation for my next newsletter, it will be helpful if you play around with this image for awhile:

Necker cube

If you can't see the image, here's a link to see it on our web site: Necker cube image

Pay attention to how the red dot sometimes appears in the near corner and sometimes appears in the far corner.

NOTE: To see both options, you may need to look at the image for at least a couple of minutes. It may also help to stand away from the computer and look at the image from different angles.

Believe it or not, these variations in perception are extremely relevant for how you lay down memories.

Until next time,
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Michael Lovitch
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