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Hypnosis Information and Support Organizations

American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH)

The American Society of Clinical Hypnosis is the largest U.S. organization for health and mental health care professionals using clinical hypnosis. Founded by Milton H. Erickson, MD in 1957, ASCH promotes greater acceptance of hypnosis as a clinical tool with broad applications.

140 N. Bloomingdale Road
Bloomingdale , IL 60108-1017
630-980-4740 PHONE
312-351-8490 FAX
American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis

URL: http://www.asch.net

American Psychotherapy and Medical Hypnosis Association (APMHA)

American Psychotherapy and Medical Hypnosis Association was founded in 1992 as a national professional hypnosis organization. APMHA was the first hypnosis association to include master's level licensed professionals. The organization is open to doctors, dentists, state board licensed mental health professionals, and state board licensed allied health professionals. APMHA promotes the ethical use of hypnosis and provides referrals to the public from an extensive database of APMHA members and affiliate professionals.

3430 Creek Wood Drive
Brownsville, TX 78526
956-465-1581 PHONE

International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis

For over 50 years, the International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis (IJCEH) has been the leading voice in hypnosis for researchers, scholars, and clinicians in psychiatry, psychology, social work, dentistry, and medical specialties. The IJCEH has been consistently ranked as one of the most influential publications in these respective fields, Whether you are involved in clinical work, counseling, research, or teaching, the IJCEH is your single essential resource to stay informed on the latest developments in hypnosis.

Taylor & Francis Inc.
325 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia , PA 19106
215-625-8900 PHONE
215-625-2940 FAX

Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis (SCEH)

Founded in 1949, The Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis (SCEH) is an international organization of nurses, social workers, dentists, psychologists, psychiatrists and other physicians who are dedicated to the highest level of scientific inquiry and the conscientious application of hypnosis in the clinical setting.

SCEH Executive Office
Society for Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis
305 Commandments Way
Commoncove Suite 100
Chelsea, MA 02150-4057
617-744-9857 PHONE
413-451-0668 FAX
info@sceh.us EMAIL
The International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis

URL: http://www.sceh.us
URL: http://www.ijceh.com

The Milton H. Erickson Foundation, Inc.

The Milton H. Erickson Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to promoting and advancing the contributions made to the health sciences by the late Milton H. Erickson, M.D. through training mental health professionals and health professions worldwide.

3606 North 24th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85016-6500
602-956-6196 PHONE
602-956-0519 FAX

International Society of Hypnosis

ISH is dedicated to improving clinical practice and research, as well as both formal and informal communication pertinent to the scientific use of hypnosis.

Level 1, South Wing
A & RMC, Repat Campus
Locked Bag 1
West Heidelberg Victoria 3081, AUSTRALIA
(613) 9496 4105 PHONE
(613) 9496 4107 FAX

American Psychological Association: Division 30, Psychological Hypnosis

Division 30 brings together psychologists and other professionals interested in scientific and applied hypnosis. Their mission is to educate the profession and the public, to develop new and innovative clinical interventions and research methods, and to evaluate current treatment approaches.

750 First Street, N.E.
Washington , D. C. 20002-4242
202-336-6013 (Division Services)
Psychological Hypnosis, Bulletin of Division 30

URL: http://www.apa.org/divisions/div30/

British Society of Experimental and Clinical Hypnosis

The British Society of Experimental and Clinical Hypnosis was founded in 1977 for doctors, dentists and psychologists interested in the theory, research and practice of hypnosis and related procedures.

Centre for Psychotherapeutic Studies
University of Sheffield
Sheffield S10 2TA , United Kingdom
Contemporary Hypnosis (formerly British Journal of Experimental and Clinical Hypnosis)

URL: http://www.bsech.com

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The Hypnosis Network Therapists' Websites

Dr. Joel Block
Read more about Dr. Block, his books, take his Relationship Enhancement Inventory, and more!

Dr. Neil Fiore
Dr. Neil Fiore's site for "Self-Leadership" Seminars and keynotes presentations, video samples, as well as copies of the "Un-Schedule" and Free Articles, Coaching information, quizzes, and resources.
URL: http://www.neilfiore.com

Dr. Neil Fiore: It's Your Life - Who's In Charge?
Dr. Neil Fiore's new site for his ebook, "It's Your Life - Who's In Charge?" along with audio excerpts from the book and video samples of his presentations.
URL: http://www.yourstrongestself.com

Dr. Randy Gilchrist
Read more about Dr. Gilchrist's practice and his hypnosis resources.
URL: http://www.dr-rg.com

Dr. Eric Greenleaf
Eric Greenleaf conducts hypnosis training all across the country.
URL: http://www.miltonherickson.com

Dr. Joyce Mills
Find out more about Dr. Mills's seminars, conferences and the StoryPlay Center.
URL: http://www.drjoycemills.com

Dr. Maggie Phillips
Dr. Phillips offers psychotherapy for the treatment of chronic and persistent pain, post-traumatic stress disorders, and general psychotherapy consultation. She also offers an online course called Reversing Chronic Pain: 10 Weeks to Lasting Relief.
URL: www.maggiephillipsphd.com

Dr. Michele Ritterman
Read more about what Dr. Ritterman is doing and track her events.
URL: http://www.micheleritterman.com

Dr. Jack Singer
Dr. Jack Singer is renowned among the world's most dynamic and hilarious professional motivational speakers. Dr. Jack takes his 27 years of expertise (as an industrial, clinical and sports psychologist; college professor; and author) on the road to mesmerize every single audience he faces!
URL: http://www.funspeaker.com

Dr. Roberta Temes
Dr. Roberta also provides phone consultations and is a popular public speaker.
URL: http://www.drroberta.com

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Hypnosis Training

Milton H. Erickson Institute of the Bay Area
The Hypnosis Network is proud to offer listings of this organization's training on our website's
Training page.

New York Milton H. Erickson Society for Psychotherapy and Hypnosis Systems
The New York Milton H. Erickson Society for Psychotherapy and Hypnosis (NYSEPH) has been training health professionals in hypnosis for over twenty years. Inspired by the work of Dr. Erickson, NYSEPH's founding members studied directly with Erickson and built a training program infused with the creative ideals of Erickson's approach to hypnotherapy and psychotherapy.
URL: http://www.nyseph.org/

American Psychotherapy and Medical Hypnosis Association (APMHA)
APMHA offers a six-week distance learning course for licensed medical and mental health professionals through PsyBC.com. The graduate level course is accredited for family therapists, psychologists, social workers, nurses and licensed professional counselors for approved continuing education credit.
URL: http://www.apmha.com/cmhtraining.htm

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Life Coaches

My Life Coach
This is a great life coaching site. Create a life you will love with their inexpensive career/personality testing and coaching services. They offer the MBTI (Myers-Briggs) and Strong Interest Inventory at the lowest prices online.
URL: www.mylifecoach.com

America's Dream Coach
Marcia Wieder is known as America's Dream Coach. She is a wonderful life coach and has touched the lives of many. We know Marcia personally and can tell you that she is the real thing.
URL: www.dreamcoach.com

Recommended Exercise Programs

Al Sears M.D.
Dr. Sears created the PACE exercise program, which is designed to burn fat and improve your fitness dramatically in less than 20 minutes per day. Building your reserve capacity through supra-aerobics is the key to a healthy heart, higher lung capacity, good muscle tone, high energy, and a lean body.
URL: www.alsearsmd.com

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