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Committing to make a big change in your life can be intimidating and often, downright frightening. Even if you decide to try to lose weight or quit smoking, there are always factors keeping you from achieving your goal, like stress, economics, and family matters.

With that in mind, the Hypnosis Network has developed over two dozen programs to help you finally reach your goals. Medical hypnosis can help you to eliminate stress, to lose weight, to quit smoking, to communicate more freely and openly with your partner, to lessen pain, to prepare you for a surgical procedure, and more.

Each program offered by the Hypnosis Network has been created by a licensed therapist. We have scoured the United States in the search for the most qualified individuals in each field – and we are confident we have found the Professional to help you personally. Explore the site, find the program you need, and change your life now.

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The New York Times

Jane Brody mentions The Hypnosis Network as the source for home use hypnosis audio programs in the article titled: "The Epitome of Mind-Body Medicine." She features our very own Dr. Roberta Temes.

You might like to learn more about Dr. Temes's hypnosis program for weight loss.

The Hypnosis Network is clearly the best resource for audio hypnosis programs available today. Their programs are recorded by the top professionals in the field and careful research has shown me that they are a high integrity company which is why I strongly recommend their guaranteed programs.

Dr. Joseph Mercola
New York Times Best-Selling Author

I give The Hypnosis Network five stars for offering outstanding audio hypnosis programs at a fair price. I recommend them to everyone. And yes, I really mean everyone. There's not a person alive who couldn't benefit from more positive suggestions delivered through these audio programs.

Mike Adams
Founder, Truth Publishing ***

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