"Stop the Self-Sabotage!"

Eliminate the Psychological Barriers
Keeping You from Following Your Diet
. . . in Just 20 Easy Minutes a Day

"The research is mounting: hypnosis can help you lose weight and keep it off longer . . . This set [Enjoying Weight Loss] has a lot to offer: a warm, fun hypnotist offering sound dietary advice and a variety of trances for a range of issues, from choosing a food plan to avoiding temptation."

SHAPE Magazine
reviewed by Jean Fain, Harvard Medical School
  • If you've ever struggled to consistently follow your desired eating plan . . . 
  • If you've ever failed to overcome intense cravings despite your best efforts . . . 
  • If you've ever wished you could find the motivation to get up off the couch and exercise like you know you should . . . 
doctor reviewing medical chart

Then I have to tell you — You're in the right place!

Because in a moment I'm going to reveal a proven and practically painless way you can eliminate thought patterns that make you overweight, find the inner strength to follow through, and finally start achieving the state of optimal health that you deserve.

Just a few minutes from now, you will feel more powerful. You will feel in control. And you will feel hope that you can maintain your healthy lifestyle with motivation, energy, and willpower to stick to your weight loss goals.

But before I reveal the secret to achieving good health of your dreams, I have to debunk a myth about weight loss. It's a myth that's so often repeated that many people still cling to it — even though it's rarely effective.

You see, a lot of books and information products pitch dozens of different diets . . . as if the diets, by themselves, could transform you into a skinny person. But this simply isn't true. The fact is . . . 

Diets Alone Are NOT Enough
to Attain Your Ideal Weight

Sure, diets can help. But they're really not addressing the underlying issues.

The trick is not to fill your head with more diet plans — it's to choose a great plan and then reprogram your mind so that following your eating and activity program is no longer "hard" . . . but easy and enjoyable. So that you have fun exercising and eating right. So that you stop causing self-induced conflict and stress . . . and begin naturally doing the things that will help you lose weight.

How Many Times Have You Quit Your Diet?

If you are like most people, the answer is probably close to "EVERY TIME I'VE STARTED ONE!!!" Think about it: you probably would not be reading this if you were consistently following a healthy eating and exercise plan.

The bottom line is, you must get rid of the unhealthy thought patterns that are making you fat. These thought patterns, which are stored in your subconscious mind, must be replaced with "healthy thoughts" and "healthy habits" so that you will automatically do what you need to do . . . without ever thinking twice about it!

So what's the secret to eliminating "fat thinking" instantly? I'll tell you . . .

The Secret Is to Destroy Subconscious Blocks,
Create New Thought Patterns, and Harmonize
Your Conscious and Subconscious Mind

If all this sounds complicated, don't worry. It's actually far easier than you may think. Anybody can do it if they meet these two requirements . . . 

  1. Have access to a CD player
  2. Can spare 10-20 minutes a day for a period of 21 days

If you meet these two simple requirements, then you have what it takes to . . . 

Program Your Mind To Lose Weight Fast

Hi, my name is Michael Lovitch, co-founder of The Hypnosis Network.

When my team and I set out to help people quickly overcome weight problems and lead healthy lives, we knew an audio program that used hypnosis would be one of the most effective transformation tools we could develop.

You see, hypnosis is one of the most misunderstood (and effective!) tools for self-change available in the world today.

When you say "hypnosis," most people think of magic shows, silly stage acts, and possibly even witchcraft.

Frankly, nothing could be further from the truth.

Hypnosis is simply this: a relaxed state of mind in which you are more receptive to suggestions.

The use of hypnosis to treat disease (also called "hypnotherapy") has been around for more than half a century. In fact, the British Medical Association approved the use of hypnotherapy in 1955. The American Medical Association approved its use in 1958.

As you might imagine, if major medical associations have approved the use of hypnosis to treat disease, imagine how powerful it is when treating thought patterns that stand in the way of the slim body you deserve!

Sample Hypnosis Now!

Download Self-Hypnosis Inductions, by Dr. Shirley McNeal. It's a 7-minute audio session that teaches you to hypnotize yourself quickly for relaxation and success.

The retail value of this product is $19. Right now it's yours free.

We guarantee your email privacy.

Clinical Studies Prove Hypnosis Works . . .
Increases Weight Loss by 146%

What's more, numerous clinical studies have proven that hypnosis is amazingly effective in helping folks lose weight:

  • In a 9-week study of two weight management groups (one using hypnosis and one not using hypnosis), the hypnosis group continued to get results in the two-year follow-up, while the non-hypnosis group showed no further results (Journal of Clinical Psychology, 1985).
  • In a study of 60 women separated into hypnosis versus non-hypnosis groups, the groups using hypnosis lost an average of 17 pounds, while the non-hypnosis group lost an average of only .5 pounds (Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 1986).
  • In a meta-analysis, comparing the results of adding hypnosis to weight loss treatment across multiple studies showed that adding hypnosis increased weight loss by an average of 97% during treatment, and even more importantly increased the effectiveness POST TREATMENT by over 146%. This shows that hypnosis works even better over time (Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 1996).
  • Even Newsweek Magazine writes, "The easiest way to break bad habits is through hypnosis."

The bottom line here is that when hypnosis sessions are added to various weight loss programs, the results are always better — more than 146% better over the long term!

(By the way, if you are skeptical and have any questions at all, I will personally answer them. Simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page or call me at 817-566-0050.)

But here's the most exciting part. When you combine hypnosis with new "skinny" thought patterns—

You Have the Perfect "Recipe"
for Permanent Weight Loss!

Here's what my team and I did: we conducted an in-depth search to find the world's leading weight loss expert who could create the kind of hypnosis program we envisioned.

During our search, we investigated scores of people and interviewed dozens of different professionals who met our strict qualifications.

Finally, we discovered Roberta Temes, Ph.D. As you'll see, there's nobody in the world as qualified as she is to help you re-program your mind to lose weight fast. Nobody can even come close.

Not only does Roberta Temes, Ph.D. have her doctorate degree in counseling psychology from The Union Institute, she's also a published author, editor, and certified hypnotherapist.

Dr. Temes is the author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Hypnosis, and editor of Medical Hypnosis, the first medical textbook addressing hypnosis. She is a member of the faculty of SUNY Health Science Center in Brooklyn, NY.

Because of her enormous recognition and success, Dr. Temes is in high demand these days. Between client work, speaking engagements, and writing, her schedule is packed.

To tell you the truth, when we approached her with our idea, we were worried that she was going to turn us down. But once she caught the vision, she was eager to help. And . . . 

After a Few Months of Passionate Work,
Enjoying Weight Loss Was Born!

Enjoying Weight Loss is an 8-session program that uses hypnosis to help you become the healthiest person you can possibly be.

Even though the program has been available for just a little more than a year, the feedback has been astounding.

To encourage you a bit, listen to what people like you are saying about the Enjoying Weight Loss program:

"An Essential Tool for Safe and Effective Weight Loss"

I feel totally grateful for The Hypnosis Network's CD programs. I have enjoyed using them with my many clients and for myself. They are professionally done and an essential tool for safe and effective weight loss. Again I highly recommend this product.

David Grisaffi, C.H.E.K, CFT, PN, Corrective Exercise Kinesiologist
Author, Firm and Flatten Your Abs

"They Don't Even Think About 'Bad' Food Anymore . . .!"

I have been using the Enjoying Weight Loss program with my patients who tell me they don't even think about "bad" food anymore . . . it's just a fact in their mind. They find it easy to change self-destructive behavior and "stay with the program" that I recommend. This has always been my biggest challenge as a clinician.

Dr. Deborah Baker-Racine
Huntsville, Canada

"I'm Making Better Food Choices!"

I'm listening to track 3 at this point and I'm making better food choices. I'm eating out of smaller plates and bowls. This is something I would never have done before. I'm eating smaller portions of healthy foods. I just seem to be doing this because it feels right. It's almost like I can't help it . . .

Anna Crowley
Chestnut Mound, Tennessee

"Gotten More Exercise Than I Have In Months!"

I have purchased the Enjoying Weight Loss CD's and have been using them since Christmas. I am a lifetime Weight Watcher member who has been 15 pounds from goal weight for at least a year without any success at getting closer. I never put on any more than that, but I have been unable to get the last 15 pounds off to get back to my lifetime goal that I reached originally in 2000.

I, so far, think it is just hilarious how much I like my water now. I have also planned my meals ahead without thinking about it and I have gotten more exercise than I have in months. I think I was the only person in my WW home group who actually lost weight between Christmas and New Year's.

Kathy Hubbard
Lebo, Kansas
Weight Watchers Lifetime Member

"A Weight Loss Aide I'll Be Recommending for Years to Come"

I've been buying, licensing, and testing hypnosis CDs since 2002. Until I discovered the quality work from The Hypnosis Network, I had never found a company whose CDs I liked enough to recommend to my website and newsletter readers. Now, in December of 2006, I'm testing Enjoying Weight Loss by Dr. Roberta Temes. I can already see that it's a weight loss aide I'll be proud to recommend for many years to come.

Chet Day
Publisher of Health & Beyond Weekly

This is just a small taste of the kind of feedback we've been getting. We've got many more personal stories and testimonials on file here at our Texas office.

Here's What's Included on Dr. Temes'
Groundbreaking Weight Loss Program

Dr. Temes has created a truly marvelous program - and you can tell the moment you start listening. There is the soft sound of violins, Dr. Temes' soothing voice, the positive suggestions. Not to mention the content itself is some of the most life-changing material you'll ever hear.

Each session in the program has a very specific purpose. I've listed their titles for you.

  1. Introduction to Weight Loss
  2. Introduction to Hypnosis
  3. Selecting Your Food Program
  4. Eating Smart
  5. Avoiding Temptation
  6. Exercising Regularly
  7. Appreciating Yourself
  8. Maintaining Your Weight Loss

In each session, Dr. Temes uses hypnosis techniques to put you into a relaxed state — a trance, if you will — so that both your conscious and subconscious mind are working together to learn as fast and effectively as possible.

You are still totally in control. You can stand up and walk away at any time. In fact, a telephone call can break the trance, which is why it's important to be in a quiet environment.

As you enter this relaxed "learning" state, Dr. Temes walks you through exercises specific to your stage of the journey. These exercises are simple and effective. As you follow her instructions, you will be creating lasting change in your life - so that you achieve a healthy weight as quickly as possible.

In fact, this "interactivity" is one of the things that makes the program so unique. Other hypnosis programs are just a bunch of random trances. But Dr. Temes brings more than 25 years of clinical experience to the trance state, which means you're going to experience results much more quickly.

The recorded sessions you'll be listening to are so packed with information and exercises-and the audio is so crisp and so clear —

It's Like Having a Private Session
With Dr. Temes Herself!

Don't be surprised if you reach the end of a session and forget you're still at home. That's how relaxed and "in the moment" you'll be.

Since each session builds on the one before, you will notice more and more positive change the deeper you go.

And best of all, you can repeat the program as often as you like, to make sure your new slim thoughts are embedded into your subconscious mind.

As Dr. Temes mentioned recently, it is not uncommon for people to "slip up" two or three months down the road. They forget about what they learned . . . or they just get too comfortable . . . and start letting old "fat" thought patterns sneak back in.

That's why it's so helpful to have the program right at your fingertips. If you experience a "hiccup" like this, it will be simple to fix. Simply spend a few minutes each day going back through the program. You'll find yourself back on track in no time.

Here are more examples of the positive changes people like you are experiencing . . . .

"I Have Lost 25 lbs!"

My mom sent me your Weight Loss hypnosis CDs (as a not-so-subtle hint). I was about 40 pounds overweight and had already tried hypnosis for weight loss before with no results, so I was not optimistic. I have never been able to follow a diet for over 3 weeks, so I decided that this time I would use your CDs in combination with The South Beach Diet and see what happened. It has now been a little over 2 months and I have lost 25 pounds! The best part is that following the diet has been easy this time — it is almost like I can't NOT follow it.

Kevin Goodrich
Computer Software Engineer
Miami, Florida

"No More 'Stress Eating"'

I was very skeptical but called and talked to someone in sales and was reassured that there is no gimmick — money back within a year if you aren't happy. So — I started using them in early April. I have to date lost 16 pounds and never ONCE deviated from the WW program. I am walking 45 minutes a day 6-7 days a week, drinking way more water and even was able to go away for a weekend and stay on plan in airports and hotels. Needless to say, I am very pleased.

I am now down 20 pounds and still have not had any problems with stress eating (my lifetime habit is to overeat). I am also walking close to 5,000 steps per day now (a little over 2.5 miles) and into a size 16 from a 20/22 and people are finally beginning to notice. I personally thank you for your program even though I don't understand how it works. I am starting to like who I see in the mirror.

Syndi Ellison
Advertising & Finance Manager
Washington State Magazine

"Didn't Eat Any Sugar . . . A Miracle!"

Enjoying Weight Loss is fabulous. Thought I forgot all about it yesterday, until I realized that I ate breakfast (which I rarely do), drank a lot of water, had a veggie dinner and DIDN'T EAT ANY SUGAR . . . A MIRACLE!

Can't convince me that this system does not operate on some level . . . even though you're not always conscious of it at the time. Thank you, Hypnosis Network.

Ann Carlo
Sag Harbor, New York

"Lost 6 lbs in 10 Days!"

This has been my first successful experience with hypnosis. I have tried similar products in the past without results, but am glad I persevered and found this professional program. The CD's are masterfully done. The variety in technique presentation, the calming voice of the narrator, and the usefulness of the information presented is unsurpassed. All the suggestions are based on sound nutritional research and are effective in replacing unhealthy eating habits.

I have used the program for just 10 days and have lost 6 lbs. What is most amazing after all my failed attempts at weight loss is the ease of sticking with my program since using the CD's! For the first time in my adult life I feel like I am in control of my response to food, and believe I am incorporating all those healthy eating habits that have eluded me in the past. It feels wonderful to go through the day without obsessing over food, and feeling fulfilled rather than deprived. I can definitely see these as lifetime, lifestyle changes. Thank you for the wonderful tool!

Angela Roberts
Somerville, New Jersey

Are these folks any different than you? No, they are not. They simply put aside their doubts and gave Enjoying Weight Loss a try. As a result, they are now losing more weight than they ever have before. They are eating less, exercising more, and shedding unhealthy fat more quickly than they ever imagined.

I'm confident the same thing can happen for you.

How can I say that?

First, the feedback. It's resoundingly positive. Real people are getting real results, even though they've struggled for years to lose weight.

Second, clinical studies prove conclusively that hypnosis will help you get better results from whatever you're currently doing to drop pounds. If you listen to the program as directed, you will lose more weight than you would without it.

Now, you should know that Dr. Temes' time is very valuable. If you were to hire her for just one hypnosis session, it'd cost you $240 or more.

Since Enjoying Weight Loss contains over 7 genuine hypnosis sessions, you're really getting well over $1,000 worth of Dr. Temes' time.

But you won't have to pay $1,000. In fact, you won't even pay $200. You can experience the healthiest years of your life for just $119.

UPDATE: Right now, we are offering the whole program for only $97. We think it is critical that you try this.

The best part is, your purchase is totally risk free. Because you're covered by . . . 

The Hypnosis Network's No Risk
1-Year Full Money-Back Guarantee

Request your own copy of Enjoying Weight Loss today. Put it to the test in the comfort of your own home for a full year.

  • Start experiencing how good life can be without irresistible food cravings.
  • Discover how much better you stick to your eating and activity plan with your new "skinny habits" and thought patterns.
  • Truly see what it's like to lose weight faster and easier than you ever thought possible.

Then, if for some strange reason you decide the program isn't right for you, you can return it for a full refund of your purchase price, less shipping costs.

But it gets even better . . . 

So you won't spend a second deliberating . . . and to encourage you to take advantage of this generous return policy today . . . we have arranged a very special bonus for you — valued at $39.00!

Place your order today and you'll also receive . . . 

A Complimentary Copy of Mental Toughness
a $39 Value — Absolutely FREE!

Dr. Neil Fiore

1 CD $39 FREE

In Mental Toughness, Dr. Neil Fiore will show you how to overcome setbacks in your life, how to finish difficult projects, and how to stick to your goals when the going gets tough. (Very important when you're losing weight.)

Dr. Fiore uses his 30 years of clinical experience combined with hypnosis to quickly produce dramatic, positive results.

Plus, Mental Toughness is the perfect companion to Enjoying Weight Loss, and it's yours free simply for taking action today.

WARNING: Because the number of bonus programs available is limited, this special incentive is only guaranteed until they run out. We reserve the right to remove this offer at any time.

And just to sweeten the deal even more, when you order now, you'll also receive . . . 

The Coping with Stress and Anxiety System ©
Another $39 Value — Yours FREE!

Dr. Randy Gilchrist

Ebook $39 FREE

Dr. Randy Gilchrist, a Hypnosis Network therapist who specializes in stress management, created this 33-page ebook as a tool to teach his patients to cope with stress in healthy ways.

Since stress saps your health and makes it harder to lose weight, we thought you could benefit from it as well.

It's a $39 value, FREE to you with our best wishes for your success.

If you have any interest in losing weight and improving your health as quickly as possible, what are you waiting for?

Claim Your Bonuses Now

Here's What I Want You To Do Now . . .

If you've read this far, then you've already made it clear that you are a person who is serious about losing weight as quickly and effortlessly as possible. You've demonstrated the kind of commitment it takes to shatter thought patterns that make you unhealthy and begin achieving your weight loss goals. Now it's time to turn that potential into reality. Simply click the link below and complete the form on the following page.

Remember, you have a full year to evaluate the Enjoying Weight Loss program. If at any time during that year you decide you're not totally satisfied, simply return the program for a full refund of your money, less shipping costs.

And even if you return your program, the bonus is yours to keep as our way of saying thanks.

Just click the link below to get started. The entire checkout process should take you about a minute.

"YES! I Want to Eliminate 'Self-Sabotage' &
Establish New 'Thought Patterns'
for Permanent Weight Loss!"

To Achieving Your Ideal Weight,

Michael Lovitch, Co-Founder
The Hypnosis Network

PS — After completing Enjoying Weight Loss, many folks find they lose weight faster and easier than ever before. Isn't it time you achieved the healthy profile you've always wanted?

PPS — Stop being held captive by "fat thinking." Remember, you're 100% protected by The Hypnosis Network's "1-Year Full Money-Back Guarantee." Click the link below right now to make healthy habits second nature.

"Send Me the Program So
I Can Lose Weight Fast . . . Risk-Free"

Enjoying Weight Loss
plus FREE Mental Toughness, a $39 value!
plus FREE ebook of The Coping with Stress and Anxiety System!

Therapist: Dr. Roberta Temes
4 CDs $119 $97

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Dr. Roberta Temes
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Dr. Roberta Temes
World-renowned hypnotist and psychotherapist Roberta Temes, Ph.D., has helped thousands of people resolve sleep and weight-loss issues.

Dr. Temes is the author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Hypnosis, and editor of Medical Hypnosis, the first medical textbook addressing hypnosis. She is a member of the faculty of SUNY Health Science Center in Brooklyn, NY, and the Department of Psychology at Union County College in New Jersey. Dr. Temes lives in New Jersey.


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