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Study of Four Diets Reveals . . .
The Key to Weight Loss Success Isn't the Diet, But How Closely You Follow It

Learn Why Doctors and Dieticians Recommend This Hypnosis Program for Diet Adherence

Investigators from Tufts-New England Medical Center (Journal of the American Medical Association, January 2005) have determined in a study of four popular diets that the key to successful weight loss is not the diet itself, but actually FOLLOWING THE DIET!

In this one-year study of 160 overweight adults, the researchers split people into four diet groups:

  • Weight Watchers (low calorie)
  • The Zone Diet (low glycemic index)
  • The Ornish Diet (low fat)
  • The Atkins Diet (low carb)

Here's what they learned: all of these diets worked when the participants in the study followed them. The problem is that less than one in four were able to stay on their given diet for just this one year!

It should be noted that the hardest diet to follow was Atkins, followed by the Ornish Diet, but according to the authors of the study, "no single diet produced satisfactory adherence rates."

So instead of looking for that "PERFECT DIET," it makes a lot more sense to find a safe way to adhere to your diet.

As you continue reading this page, you will discover that hypnosis is by far the safest, most researched, and effective way for you to stick to the eating plan you have chosen.

Matt Hoover
"I've Found Control — And Lost 30 Pounds"

"After gaining back almost 35 pounds of fat after winning NBC's The Biggest Loser in 2005, I felt like I had let everybody down. I hadn't figured out how to rein in my appetite and eating habits outside of the controlled environment of the show.

Although I was skeptical, I started listening to Dr. Temes’s hypnosis CDs. What I have found is a feeling of control that I have never experienced before. I now find it easy to stay away from soda and goldfish crackers. And I can handle the smell of good food without experiencing the desire to scarf it all down! By the way, I've lost 30 pounds of pure fat so far."

Matt Hoover
Season Two Winner, NBC's The Biggest Loser

I have been using the Enjoying Weight Loss program with my patients who tell me they don't even think about 'bad' food anymore . . . it's just a fact in their mind. They find it easy to change self-destructive behavior and 'stay with the program' that I recommend. This has always been my biggest challenge as a clinician.

Dr. Deborah Baker-Racine
Huntsville, Canada

How Many Times Have You Quit Your Diet?

If you are like most people, the answer is probably close to "EVERY TIME I'VE STARTED ONE!!" Think about it: you probably would not be reading this if you were consistently following a healthy eating and exercise plan.

You probably have access to plans you know would work. It might be a low calorie diet like Weight Watchers, a low glycemic index diet like the Zone or South Beach, a low fat plan like the Ornish Diet or a plan your health professional has given you.

You know if you just started the plan and added in regular exercise, you would shed the weight and your level of HEALTH AND WELL-BEING WOULD SKYROCKET — not to mention your pleasure in your new appearance!

If you lose just 10% of your body weight, studies have shown you can expect:

  • Increased energy
  • Lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar
  • Fewer aches and pains from the reduced stress on your muscles and joints
  • Improved mobility and breathing
  • Deeper, more restful sleep
  • Reduced risk of Type 2 diabetes
  • Reduced risk of coronary artery disease (plaque buildup in the heart)
  • Prevention of angina, the chest pain caused by decreased blood flow to the heart muscle
  • Decreased risk of sudden death from heart disease or stroke

Suddenly work becomes more manageable, leisure activities are more fun, physical activity is more comfortable, and it's easier to have a positive mental outlook.

Losing weight opens the door to a higher quality of life.

"Addiction to Sugar Pretty Much Gone"

I had an addiction to sugar and my weight problems were so severe I was thinking of bypass surgery. I tried hypnosis programs in the past. Some programs made me tense and uncomfortable, the power of others seemed to fade away.

Within the first week I was getting obvious results. Since I started the program I've lost 30 pounds and I keep dropping them. My addiction to sugar is pretty much gone and decisions to turn down foods are easy.

The Secret Ingredient to Permanent Weight Loss

Here is the big secret: you have to train your mind to ENJOY sticking to your plan. Whatever healthy plan you choose, it is likely that you are going to have to:

  • Eat fewer high-sugar or high-fat foods (reduce your chocolate cake allowance!)
  • Reduce your overall caloric intake, based on the system you are following
  • Drink more water, as opposed to sodas and beverages high in sugar
  • Exercise consistently (whether adding daily walks, or beginning a weight training program)
  • Monitor your progress in a systematic way
  • Eat more green vegetables
  • Plan your meals (and this includes breakfast!)
  • Appreciate yourself and your progress

Now imagine if there was a proven, well-researched method, approved by the American Medical Association, that would actually make you WANT to do these things?

Imagine these behaviors becoming second nature, not an effort.

National Health and Wellness Club Member Tested and Recommended Hypnosis Weight Loss Program

92% Approval Rating - Independent Test Results!

We’re very pleased to announce the results of an independent test by Health and Wellness magazine on our Enjoying Weight Loss program. The editors had heard good things about Enjoying Weight Loss and requested 50 copies to send to their independent testers. The results are in: 92% of their test group rated our program favorably!

The comments are so favorable that we’re sharing them with you. Remember: we had no contact with these testers; these are all their own words.

Click here to read what the testers had to say. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Medical Hypnosis:
The Answer You Have Been Looking For

Dr. Roberta Temes

4 CDs $119.00 $97.00
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You might believe that hypnosis is just the stuff of stage shows, or have seen infomercials in which a hypnotist is demonstrating his or her powers over the (paid) audience!


Hypnosis, when practiced by a legitimate provider, is approved for clinical use by both the British Medical Association and the American Medical Association.

Most importantly for you, clinical studies showing how hypnosis helps with weight loss are irrefutable:

  • In a 9-week study of two weight management groups (one using hypnosis and one not using hypnosis), the hypnosis group continued to get results in the two-year follow-up, while the non-hypnosis group showed no further results (Journal of Clinical Psychology, 1985).
  • In a study of 60 women separated into hypnosis versus non-hypnosis groups, the groups using hypnosis lost an average of 17 pounds, while the non-hypnosis group lost an average of only .5 pounds (Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 1986).
  • In a meta-analysis, comparing the results of adding hypnosis to weight loss treatment across multiple studies showed that adding hypnosis increased weight loss by an average of 97% during treatment, and even more importantly increased the effectiveness POST TREATMENT by over 146%. This shows that hypnosis works even better over time (Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 1996).

The bottom line here is that when hypnosis sessions are added to various weight loss programs, the results are always better — more than 146% better over the long term!

FREE Tips for Weight Loss!

Dr. Roberta Temes recently summarized some of the most interesting weight loss research of recent years. She created 20 tips that make sticking to any healthy eating plan simpler and more effective.

The report is yours free for the asking.

We guarantee your email privacy.

My mom sent me your Weight Loss hypnosis CDs (as a not-so-subtle hint). I was about 40 pounds overweight and had already tried hypnosis for weight loss before with no results, so I was not optimistic. I have never been able to follow a diet for over 3 weeks, so I decided that this time I would use your CDs in combination with The South Beach Diet and see what happened. It has now been a little over 2 months and I have lost 25 pounds! The best part is that following the diet has been easy this time -- it is almost like I can't NOT follow it.

Kevin Goodrich
Computer Software Engineer
Miami, Florida

Thousands Have Used Enjoying Weight Loss Successfully

Customers across the country, and around the world, have now used Enjoying Weight Loss successfully for themselves. To see our U.S. customer map, click below.

Enjoying Weight Loss customers across the country
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"…Down Over 20 Pounds"

I was always a thin person until my mid-thirties, then the weight began to creep up until I had gained over 30 lbs. I tried the Enjoying Weight Loss program and since being on it I've lost (so far permanent) over 20 lbs. I find I automatically eat much more healthfully, like more fruits and vegetables, I don't feel deprived and I'm energized. I feel GREAT!

Warning: Beware of Unqualified Providers

As with any effective tool, you are going to find people who haven't had training trying to exploit the unwary.

In order to be a hypnosis provider for weight loss that gets results, a person must first have extensive training in psychology. This means going through the 7-plus years of post-graduate work that it takes to get a doctoral degree, and THOUSANDS OF HOURS of supervised training.

A specialty in weight loss hypnosis also requires that the provider is steeped in the research and practice of helping people lose weight in a way that is healthy and long term.

A quality provider should have a biography you can read and understand. It may sound elitist, but in the case of hypnosis, training does matter! Our job at The Hypnosis Network is to find the absolute best provider for every topic area in which we publish. We found the best, hands-down, in Dr. Roberta Temes.

I was very skeptical but called and talked to someone in sales and was reassured that there is no gimmick -- money back within a year if you aren't happy. So -- I started using them in early April. I have to date lost 16 pounds and never ONCE deviated from the WW program. I am walking 45 minutes a day 6-7 days a week, drinking way more water and even was able to go away for a weekend and stay on plan in airports and hotels. Needless to say, I am very pleased.

I am now down 20 pounds and still have not had any problems with stress eating (my lifetime habit is to overeat). I am also walking close 5,000 steps per day now (a little over 2.5 miles) and into a size 16 from a 20/22 and people are finally beginning to notice. I personally thank you for your program even though I don't understand how it works. I am starting to like who I see in the mirror.

Syndi Ellison
Advertising & Finance Manager
Washington State Magazine

Introducing Dr. Roberta Temes, The Best Weight Loss Hypnosis Provider Known Today

Dr. Roberta Temes is the editor of the first hypnosis textbook used in medical schools, Medical Hypnosis. This means that psychiatrists in training learn how to use hypnosis from her!

Dr. Temes is also on the faculty of the Psychiatry Department in the Medical School of the SUNY Health Science Center. Among other things, she is involved with research on the behavioral factors involved with long-term weight loss.

This means that the suggestions you will receive in her program are based on science and research and not new-age gobbledy-gook, wishful thinking, or personal whim.

To learn more about Dr. Temes, click here.

"I've Lost 14 Pounds!"

Before hypnosis, I was feeling frustrated at my seeming lack of self-control, plus I was becoming embarrassed to workout with my racewalking club or my triathlon club! Since I've been using the hypnosis CDs I've lost 14 pounds. My self control is back (I have been making meal plans) and I no longer buy 'dangerous' foods for me, like chocolate chips.

Enjoying Weight Loss is fabulous. Thought I forgot all about it yesterday, until I realized that I ate breakfast (which I rarely do), drank a lot of water, had a veggie dinner and DIDN'T EAT ANY SUGAR . . . A MIRACLE!

Can't convince me that this system does not operate on some level . . . even though you're not always conscious of it at the time. Thank you, Hypnosis Network.

Ann Carlo
Sag Harbor, New York

Long Term Results in 20 Minutes a Day

In this 4-CD program you will go through seven short hypnosis sessions that last around 20 minutes each. You will only listen to one session a day, so this time commitment is realistic and attainable.

Most people are successful by listening to one session repeatedly for about a week, then moving on to the next, and so on. There is also a session at the end that will help you maintain your healthy weight once you achieve it, which is VERY IMPORTANT!

The sessions are light, fun, and most importantly EFFECTIVE. They are even more effective over time, so eventually you will rarely need to use them.

Isn't your health and well-being worth 20 minutes a day?

This has been my first successful experience with hypnosis. I have tried similar products in the past without results, but am glad I persevered and found this professional program. The CD's are masterfully done. The variety in technique presentation, the calming voice of the narrator, and the usefulness of the information presented is unsurpassed. All the suggestions are based on sound nutritional research and are effective in replacing unhealthy eating habits.

I have used the program for just 10 days and have lost 6 lbs. What is most amazing after all my failed attempts at weight loss is the ease of sticking with my program since using the CD's! For the first time in my adult life I feel like I am in control of my response to food, and believe I am incorporating all those healthy eating habits that have eluded me in the past. It feels wonderful to go through the day without obsessing over food, and feeling fulfilled rather than deprived. I can definitely see these as lifetime, lifestyle changes. Thank you for the wonderful tool!

Angela Roberts
Somerville, New Jersey

Try This Program Risk-Free For One Year

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It sounds crazy, but it's true. We will give you one full year to try this program. If at any time you feel that this is not helping you, just send it back for a full refund of the purchase price. If you have any questions along the way, we answer our phone and open our emails personally. Just contact us.

Remember, if you were to see someone of Dr. Temes's background in person, you would pay at least $250 per session (non-refundable.) This program has seven sessions that would cost you over $1,500 in person. Because we have recorded the audio sessions, we are able to offer the program to you for only $119 (a great value).

The research is mounting: hypnosis can help you lose weight and keep it off longer . . . This set [Enjoying Weight Loss] has a lot to offer: a warm, fun hypnotist offering sound dietary advice and a variety of trances for a range of issues, from choosing a food plan to avoiding temptation.

SHAPE Magazine
reviewed by: Jean Fain, Harvard Medical School

Have Questions? We've Got Answers.

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Add Some Mental Toughness to the Equation

Dr. Neil Fiore

1 CD $39 FREE
limited time offer

Our productivity expert, Dr. Neil Fiore, created a wonderful CD program called Mental Toughness to complement his program Productivity Engineering. The program is designed to help you keep going for your goals even when you face a major setback like an injury or a personal crisis.

It has worked so well that we thought it would also work well with the weight loss program. You hear time after time how someone was doing well on their diet, but then hurt their knee or lost a relative, and this becomes the excuse to go off the plan.

With Mental Toughness, you now have a weapon to stop the excuses.

For a very limited time we are giving you the opportunity to receive Dr. Fiore's Mental Toughness FREE as a bonus.

Enjoying Weight Loss $ 119.00
Mental Toughness $ 39.00
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OUR GUARANTEE: Return the product within a year for full refund of the product price. How can we offer this? Experience shows that the program works for the overwhelming majority of users.

. . . Don't delay - this offer is expiring soon.


Program Details

Enjoying Weight Loss is a 4-CD program.
  • Introduction to Weight Loss (Lecture) [15:58]
    Learn what obesity researchers have discovered, and how it can help you.
  • Introduction to Hypnosis [22:47]
    Try hypnosis. You'll crave water after this session!
  • Selecting Your Food Program [20:07]
    Choose your healthy eating program and get motivated to stay on it.
  • Eating Smart [12:44]
    Begin to adopt the eating habits of a slim person.
  • Avoiding Temptation [15:14]
    Plan ahead for those difficult situations.
  • Exercising Regularly [12:51]
    Burn up your excess calories every day.
  • Appreciating Yourself [15:43]
    Enjoy the new you. You can be proud of your achievements!
  • Maintaining Your Weight Loss [13:27]
    This time it's gone forever. Maintenance is the key.
Therapist: Dr. Roberta Temes
Price: $119.00 $97.00 28-Day FREE TRIAL — pay only $5.95 shipping (U.S.)

It's risk-free with our one-year, money-back satisfaction guarantee.

I'm listening to track 3 at this point and I'm making better food choices. I'm eating out of smaller plates and bowls. This is something I would never have done before. I'm eating smaller portions of healthy foods. I just seem to be doing this because it feels right. It's almost like I can't help it. Is this the way it works?

Anna Crowley
Chestnut Mound, Tennessee

"No More Binging…What a Blessing"

I have been listening Dr. Roberta Temes' CDs for the last three months and am very impressed- I absolutely love listening to them… Just after my initial completion of the program, I went home on Christmas vacation. Normally this time of year degenerates into a binge on sugary foods that leaves me feeling guilty and gross afterward. But not this year- I had the 'Avoiding Temptation' track on my iPod… this time I lacked that out-of-control feeling that often characterizes 'cheating' on your diet. What a blessing.

Enjoying Weight Loss
plus FREE Mental Toughness, a $39 value!
Special offer expires soon!

Therapist: Dr. Roberta Temes
4 CDs $119.00 $97.00
pay only $5.95 shipping (U.S.)**

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Read the Step-By-Step Program Instructions Here.

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Dr. Roberta Temes
Specialist in Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Dr. Roberta Temes
World-renowned hypnotist and psychotherapist Roberta Temes, Ph.D., has helped thousands of people resolve sleep and weight-loss issues.

Dr. Temes is the author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Hypnosis, and editor of Medical Hypnosis, the first medical textbook addressing hypnosis. She is a member of the faculty of SUNY Health Science Center in Brooklyn, NY, and the Department of Psychology at Union County College in New Jersey. Dr. Temes lives in New Jersey.


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