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For a limited time, The Hypnosis Network is offering all three sports performance programs created by world renowned sports psychologist Jack Singer Ph.D. at a special price. This is 33% OFF the regular price for all three programs.

Core Sports Performance

Reach Your Full Athletic Potential by Harnessing the Power of Your Unconscious Mind!

Get in the zone today. Now you too can get that competitive edge in any sport you choose. Try the same cutting-edge sports hypnosis techniques that many star athletes currently use. Maximize your skills for peak performance.

Would you like to:
  • Get the winning edge?
  • Enhance your concentration and focus?
  • Work out and play with greater intensity?
  • Build confidence and optimism?
  • Remain poised in any competitive situation?
  • Replace doubt with positive self-talk?
  • Reduce anxiety and stress for peak performance?

Core Sports Performance can help! Click here to learn more about how this program can help you achieve peak performance through hypnosis.

After listening to the Core Sports Performance CDs only 3 days before an important triathlon, I've never felt more focused, positive and confident in the days leading up to and during a race.

My usual negative 'self-talk' was completely gone and replaced with a calm confidence I haven't experienced before. It certainly showed in my dramatically improved performance!

Kristen Thorkelson, 34,
National Triathlon Team Age-Group Athlete

Advanced Sports Pain Management

Raise Your Pain Threshold in Less Than 21 Days

Expert sports psychologist Dr. Jack Singer guides you through the same hypnosis-based pain management exercises that he has used with elite athletes, including the Air Force Academy football team.

When you're feeling pain and are not performing activities that are doing any further damage to the area where you feel pain, this program will help you reduce this pain to a manageable level.

In many cases, the sessions in this program can virtually eliminate your perception of pain associated with activities that are not harming the affected area. This will enable you to train more effectively and perform without the distractions normally associated with pain.

Although this program is specifically designed to help athletes, it can help anyone suffering from chronic pain. These sessions will help with arthritis, headaches, and neck pain.

Click here to learn more about how this program can help you manage sports pain through hypnosis.

I recently hit my foot into the door jam - breaking my little toe and bruising the side of my foot badly. This could not have happened at a worse time as I am training for a state power-lifting meet that is less than 10 days away! Well I had recently received your Pain Management CD program and figured there was no time like the present to try it out. I sat down and listened to the CD focusing on my foot. Shortly after listening I was to go to the gym and Dead-lift -- I was not sure how the training session was going to go, but much to my surprise I was able to train virtually pain free. Now just three days later the pain in my foot is almost gone and training is going great!

Malinda Baum
Two-time World Firefighter Games Power lifting Champion
Killeen, Texas

Accelerated Sports Healing

Accelerate Your Body's Natural Healing Powers

Expert sports psychologist Dr. Jack Singer will guide you through the same hypnosis session that he has used to help countless athletes rapidly recover from injuries.

Hypnosis is a safe, natural way for you to tap into your innate healing process. Hypnosis is so powerful that it is now being used in some instances to accelerate the healing process after major surgery.

With this powerful hypnosis session, you will notice that you will heal faster from injuries. Although hypnosis is not a replacement for physical therapy, it will work as a great complement to whatever recommendations your health care provider makes.

Click here to learn more about how this program can help you heal injuries more rapidly through hypnosis.

Dr. Singer, you have touched my life in ways I would not have thought possible. Listening to your Sports Healing CD series not only eradicated my back pain, but it became completely healed (which the doctors said would only happen through surgery). I was back mountain climbing within a matter of a few short weeks! Thank you so are the greatest!

Richard Matta
Mountain Climber
Las Vegas, Nevada

Dr. Jack Has Your Back

All three programs were created by Jack Singer, Ph.D. a Certified Sports Psychologist (CSP) trained in hypnosis. "Dr. Jack" has worked with professional athletes, college athletes, nationally ranked juniors and serious "weekend warriors." All our therapists must meet stringent guidelines. And, as with all our associates, Dr. Jack is an exceptional therapist and hypnosis practitioner. Click here to read more about Dr. Singer.

Dr. Jack's hypnosis-based program will bring you a focus and clarity that an athlete only gets on those rare occasions while in the zone. You'll experience optimum levels of relaxation and intensity for the athletic situation at hand.

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Download Relaxation for Sports Performance, by Dr. Jack Singer. It's a 22-minute audio hypnosis session for relaxation and refocusing.

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With three victories this year, I feel great about my game, but Dr. Singer's relaxation tips have been of practical use to me on the course, especially when I face trouble shots. I relax my hands and shoulders, then take a very light grip even in the deepest of trouble, and have had great success recovering.

Gibby Maartens
Grey Goose Tour Professional
San Antonio, TX

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I have tried almost every self-hypnosis, cure-all program available. Because of this, it was with more than a bit of skepticism and trepidation that I approached The Hypnosis Network.

Having been a nationally ranked amateur cyclist (200 & 1000 meters), I can say without any reservation that by using the Core Sports Performance CD, in conjunction with an intelligent training regimen, you will achieve your athletic goals. After listening to Disc 2 but once, I could not believe the very quantifiable results. It was that immediate and simple. As I wrote Michael Lovitch: 'I wish I had had this "weapon" years ago.'

Greg Oehm
Palatine, Illinois

Sports Performance Bundle

Therapist: Dr. Jack Singer
$177.00 $119.00
or 3 monthly payments of $39.66

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Dr. Jack Singer
Specialist in Sports Psychology and Performance

Dr. Jack Singer

Jack Singer, Ph.D. is a sports psychologist who teaches sports professionals, college athletes, nationally ranked juniors, and serious "weekend warriors" how to maximize their performance. He has been recognized by the National Institute of Sports as a Diplomate in Sports Psychology, a designation given only on one-half of one percent of the sports psychologists who apply, and is certified in clinical hypnosis.

Dr. Singer also works with teams to select specific athletes, develop team cohesion, and enhance the communication between coaches and athletes. He appears as a guest on sports radio and TV shows, including FOX Sports and ESPN. He is on the advisory board to Championship Performance, the monthly journal for coaches on the psychology of peak performance. His articles also appear in psychology, medical, human resources and business periodicals across the U.S.


Products by Dr. Singer

Core Sports Performance - reach your performance goals by using your mind
Advanced Sports Pain Management - overcome nagging pain caused by old injuries
Accelerated Sports Healing - heal sports injuries quickly and regain activity
Anger Mastery - master your anger

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