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I give The Hypnosis Network five stars for offering outstanding audio hypnosis programs at a fair price. I recommend them to everyone. And yes, I really mean everyone. There's not a person alive who couldn't benefit from more positive suggestions delivered through these audio programs . . . . Now, with The Hypnosis Network, you have an opportunity to reprogram what's in your head, giving yourself positive, supportive messages in a format that YOU control. I can't imagine a nicer gift to give yourself!

Mike Adams
the Health Ranger

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Hypnosis is a focused state of attention that increases your receptivity to suggestions. Using hypnosis, you will be guided through exercises that help you learn to relax, find your calm center, and imagine your future. In a study at Ohio State University, medical students were able to significantly reduce exam-time stress using hypnosis. And blood samples revealed that these students' immune systems became stronger the more they practiced the techniques [Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, August 2001 (volume 69, pages 674-682)].

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The Hypnosis Network publishes audio clinical hypnosis programs by the top professional therapists.

Our hand-picked therapists have over 300 years of combined experience, and have appeared in The New England Journal of Medicine, The New York Times, and The American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis.

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Relax and Center with Dr. Neil Fiore

Counter everyday stress with four hypnosis sessions created by psychologist and productivity expert, Neil Fiore, Ph.D. Over 28 minutes total. Download individual MP3 files or a combined ZIP file with all four MP3 files.

Overcome Procrastination with Hypnosis

Procrastination keeps you from your goals and kills your dreams. To overcome it, the key is to reprogram your mind so that work is no longer feels difficult, but interesting and easy. In Productivity Engineering, the 4-CD audio hypnosis program from productivity expert Dr. Neil Fiore, techniques and exercises will be introduced to you while you are in a hypnotic state, allowing you begin to work successfully with your subconscious, instead of fighting it. Become a person who gets things done!

Use Your Mind Against the Pain

You CAN understand and control chronic pain. Your mind is the key. This set of six audio sessions, taken from the first CD of Hypnosis: The Pain Solution by Dr. Maggie Phillips, explains pain and gives you two strategies to use against it.

In sessions 2 and 3, Dr. Phillips explains why chronic pain is such a serious problem and why hypnosis can be an effective tool to use against pain. Session 4, "Understanding Pain," is a classic. Maggie's clear, concise explanation of how pain signals are processed in the body, and how they can be blocked to reduce the level of hurt, is vital information for anyone ready to try mind-body solutions against pain. In sessions 5 and 6, you will begin to apply this information to shifting and blocking your own pain.

Relaxation for Sports Performance

Dr. Jack Singer, sports psychologist to athletes, coaches, and professional teams, has recorded a 22-minute audio hypnosis session for relaxation and refocusing. Stretch out, close your eyes, and take a 20-minute mini-vacation, anywhere. Optimize your performance!

Hypnosis for Sports Success

Jack Singer, Ph.D., created Core Sports Performance, Accelerated Sports Healing, and Advanced Sports Pain Management for The Hypnosis Network. If you would like to improve your performance, heal more quickly, or manage nagging sports pain so you can get back in the game, "Dr. Jack" is the best in the business at bringing the mind into harmony with the body.

Self-Hypnosis Inductions

This introductory audio hypnosis program gives you the power to access your unconscious mind on your own schedule to reach your own goals. Learn to use hypnosis to relax and focus in the midst of a hectic day, or begin to "program" your mind to achieve.

Dr. Shirley McNeal is a calming, compassionate therapist who specializes using hypnosis to build self-esteem and relieve anxieties. Her programs for The Hypnosis Network include Core Inner Strength, for increased self-confidence and self-esteem; Overcoming Performance Anxiety, for fearless public speaking and performance; and Test Taking Mastery, for improved test scores with increased focus and reduced test anxiety.

A Relaxing Invitation to Hypnosis

Dr. Eric Greenleaf is a remarkably gentle presence in his audio hypnosis sessions, inviting the listener to share a place of deep comfort and relaxation. This 6-minute hypnosis session will introduce you to Dr. Greenleaf and his approach. Download an MP3 file or a ZIP file.

Access the Resources of Your Unconscious Mind

The Hypnosis Experience, by Dr. Eric Greenleaf, is an Ericksonian hypnosis program that will enhance your ability to communicate with your unconscious mind. As you listen to these elegant hypnosis sessions, you will begin to expand your awareness, enrich your life, connect your mind and body, and find new ways to reach your goals. Dr. Greenleaf is one of the world's premiere teachers of hypnotherapy, training licensed mental health professionals in hypnosis.

What people say about The Hypnosis Network:

Want to kick a habit or kick a field goal? Hypnosis works! I have used it with NFL players, Olympic athletes, and amateurs at all levels of competition for performance enhancement, pain management, and accelerated healing. It's safe, it's easy, and it's fun! The programs created by the therapists in The Hypnosis Network are winners! They can help you in sports, business, and in life.

Bob Reese, MA, ATC
New York Jets Head Athletic Trainer, 1977-96
Author: Develop the Winner's Mentality

I think The Hypnosis Network is going about the right things in the right way. I firmly believe that hypnosis is one of the most valuable, yet overlooked paths to learning. I give the programs created by The Hypnosis Network my highest marks.

Jay Conrad Levinson
The Father of Guerrilla Marketing
Author, "Guerrilla Marketing" series of books

Being a personal coach and best selling author, I have been exposed to all kind of tools for personal growth. I rarely recommend products, but I can honestly say that the programs created by the Hypnosis Network are very effective for changing attitudes, habits, and behaviors. They have demonstrated a high level of integrity, ethics, and values. I whole heartedly recommend The Hypnosis Network.

Marcia Wieder
America's Dream Coach
Speaker & Author, Making Your Dreams Come True

Tools for Transformation only promotes products that we are confident will help you to transform your life for the better. We have chosen The Hypnosis Network as a partner because they offer expertly produced programs aimed at the kind of specific issues for which individuals need support. That's different for each person, so a comprehensive range is needed. These CD sets will provide the boost you need to tackle such problems and challenges head on, with renewed confidence and know-how. Choose one that's just right for you and have a great time!

Peter Shepherd
Director, Tools for Transformation

Before I'd even contemplate recommending a program of hypnosis to anyone with self-esteem issues, I'd need to be satisfied on two counts. One, that the program itself worked, and two that the people selling the program had real integrity.

On all counts the Hypnosis Network exceeded my expectations. I am happy to recommend them both for their product quality and overall professionalism.

Alison Finch
Founder and Creator of www.selfesteem4women.com

Dr. Neil Fiore
Specialist in Focus, Resilience, and Productivity

Dr. Neil Fiore

Neil Fiore, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist, a trainer, and the author of four books. Dr. Fiore, a former president of The Northern California Society of Clinical Hypnosis, has conducted training at CSPP, Summit Hospital, Smithsonian Institute, Levi Strauss, UCSF and Stanford.

Dr. Fiore is the author of The Now Habit: A Strategic Program for Overcoming Procrastination and Enjoying Guilt-Free Play. He runs seminars and training programs that combine the use of hypnosis and other therapeutic devices to obtain peak performance and productivity.

From his experience as a Lieutenant with the 101st Airborne Division, a manager with Johnson & Johnson, a Statistical Analyst for Shell Oil, and a psychologist and career counselor at the UC Berkeley, Neil brings practical tools for life and work to his seminar participants.


Products by Dr. Fiore

Productivity Engineering - eliminate procrastination and achieve your goals
Mental Toughness - enhance your resilience and persistence
Effective Goal Setting - set goals

Dr. Shirley McNeal
Specialist in Self-Esteem and Anxiety Relief

Dr. Shirley McNeal

Shirley McNeal, Ph.D., recipient of the 2003 Milton H. Erickson Award for Scientific Excellence by the American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, is the author or co-author of over 20 scientific papers.

Although she works with a breadth of issues, Dr. McNeal's work is unparalleled in helping people work with self-esteem and inner strength issues. Her work on increasing ego strength through hypnosis has wide applications in helping people with performance anxieties like public speaking and test taking. Dr. McNeal's published work on the use of hypnosis for "Inner Strength and Ego Strengthening" is recognized worldwide as the standard by the clinical hypnosis community.

Education and Professional Details




Products by Dr. McNeal

Core Inner Strength - build self-esteem and self-confidence
Overcoming Performance Anxiety - speak or perform confidently in public
Test Taking Mastery - conquer test anxiety and raise your test scores
Overcoming Fear of Flying - eliminate your fear of flying

Dr. Maggie Phillips
Specialist in Pain Management

Dr. Maggie Phillips

Maggie Phillips, Ph.D., is the author of Finding the Energy to Heal and co-author of Healing the Divided Self. She is now writing her third book, Reversing Chronic Pain: 10 Weeks to Lasting Relief.

Dr. Phillips is director of the California Institute of Clinical Hypnosis and a licensed psychologist in full-time private practice in Oakland, California. She specializes in the use of hypnosis for pain and healing. Dr. Phillips has led workshops on hypnosis, psychotherapy, and the effects of childhood trauma in the U.K., Germany, Scandinavia, France and Japan. She also lectures on the uses of energy therapies in mind/body healing.


Products by Dr. Phillips

Hypnosis: The Pain Solution - manage chronic pain safely and naturally
Hypnosis: The Headache Solution - stop chronic headaches before they start

Dr. Jack Singer
Specialist in Sports Psychology and Performance

Dr. Jack Singer

Jack Singer, Ph.D. is a sports psychologist who teaches sports professionals, college athletes, nationally ranked juniors, and serious "weekend warriors" how to maximize their performance. He has been recognized by the National Institute of Sports as a Diplomate in Sports Psychology, a designation given only on one-half of one percent of the sports psychologists who apply, and is certified in clinical hypnosis.

Dr. Singer also works with teams to select specific athletes, develop team cohesion, and enhance the communication between coaches and athletes. He appears as a guest on sports radio and TV shows, including FOX Sports and ESPN. He is on the advisory board to Championship Performance, the monthly journal for coaches on the psychology of peak performance. His articles also appear in psychology, medical, human resources and business periodicals across the U.S.


Products by Dr. Singer

Core Sports Performance - reach your performance goals by using your mind
Advanced Sports Pain Management - overcome nagging pain caused by old injuries
Accelerated Sports Healing - heal sports injuries quickly and regain activity
Anger Mastery - master your anger

Dr. Eric Greenleaf
Specialist in Ericksonian Hypnosis

Dr. Eric Greenleaf

Director and founder of the Milton H. Erickson Institute of the Bay Area, Eric Greenleaf, Ph.D., has treated with, trained, presented and written about hypnotherapy for forty years. His book, The Problem of Evil: Ancient Dilemmas and Modern Therapy, appeared in 2000. Dr. Greenleaf's unique style and extensive background in the use of hypnosis as an aid for enhancing lives and overcoming obstacles is truly something that must be experienced in order to be understood.

Dr. Greenleaf's subtle use of metaphors and everyday language in his practice and training has touched thousands of people throughout the years. One of Dr. Greenleaf's specialties is facilitating communication between the conscious and unconscious mind - enabling people to use more of themselves in their everyday lives.

Most licensed psychologists recognize Dr. Greenleaf as one of the premiere hypnosis trainers in the world. Dr. Erickson chose Eric to receive the first Milton H. Erickson Award of Scientific Excellence for Writing in Hypnosis. Eric practices in Albany, California, in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Products by Dr. Greenleaf

Preparing for Uncertainty - step out into the unknown without fear
The Hypnosis Experience - access the resources of your unconscious mind

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