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How to use Overcoming Fear of Flying

This program uses hypnosis to help you access and enhance your ability to travel by air without worry. Dr. Shirley McNeal has created this three session program that helps you prepare before the flight, get ready on the day of travel, and even a track to listen to while you're in flight. By using this program, you feel calm, confident, and safe any time you need to get on a plane.

In each of the hypnotic sessions, you will enter into a state of relaxation, of focus, and of receptivity to suggestions. To achieve maximum benefit from this program, we recommend the following:

  • Since these sessions are meant to be listened to at the airport and on the airplane, you may not find the perfect silent environment. Make sure you have headphones on hand to block out excess noise. These sessions work best when you are undisturbed and able to relax. Even in a crowded environment, headphones will ensure privacy as you listen and you will still obtain maximum benefits from the program.
  • The sessions are incremental and should be listened to in the order presented. Start by listening to "Anticipating the Flight" a couple weeks before your trip. Listen to "The Day Of The Flight" on your travel day, and listen to "Relaxing On The Flight" during the flight itself. The first track is an Introduction that you only need to listen to one time.
  • If you have multiple programs from the Hypnosis Network, please complete each program completely before moving on to another. Begin with the program from which you most desire results.


Track 1: Introduction to Fear of Flying (not hypnotic).

Every track, except this Introduction, is a self-contained hypnosis session. By taking your time and fully internalizing what you and Dr. McNeal do in a specific session, you can acquire the ability to become more and more relaxed and thus increasingly focused on the track's topic.

When you hear something you want to think about more, it is permissible to stop and center in on that thought or feeling. Then, when you're ready, you can continue with that track.

Session 1: "Anticipating The Flight"

In this session, you prepare for your trip. It is best to begin listening to this session 2-3 weeks before your trip, or as much time as you have.

Listen at least once per day. Repetition will help to reiterate your new thoughts and feelings. Dr. McNeal helps you to feel calm, reassured, and safe. By listening to this program before your flight, you'll actually start to look forward to your trip!

Session 2: "The Day Of The Flight"

Listen to this track for a couple days right before and also on the day of your flight. On the day of your flight, begin listening in the morning and continue to listen at the airport. These are hypnotic sessions and you should not listen to them while driving. You may want to consider arriving to the airport early on that day. Having extra time will give you the ability to listen to your program, helping you get into a totally relaxed state before your flight.

Using her voice as a guide, you'll see yourself getting to the airport, checking in, and heading to your gate. You'll also learn techniques to help you relax at the airport. Time will pass quickly as you listen to Dr. McNeal's soothing voice, and you'll feel comfortable and at ease before you even board the plane.

Session 3: "Relaxing On The Flight"

This track is meant to be listened to while you're on the plane. As you walk down the jet way and board, you'll probably be busy, but once you settle in, turn on your program. Dr. McNeal helps you to recall a relaxing situation including all of the details, like smell, taste, what you saw, and other details. By re-experiencing those feelings of relaxation, you'll feel calm on the plane as well. Turn off your electronic device when the pilot calls for it, but once you are able to turn on your devices, continue to listen to this track. Listening to this on the plane and hearing Dr. McNeal's voice will increase your state of relaxation and you may even drift off to sleep for the duration of your flight.

After you've listened to the entire program

You may choose to access this program again before your next trip or vacation. Repeat the same sequence as directed above, listening to the "Anticipating" track weeks before the flight, the "Day of" track on your day of travel, and "Relaxing" while you're on the plane. Listening to these three tracks will help you to feel confident, safe, and comfortable any time you need to travel by airplane.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I know if I am actually hypnotized while listening to the sessions?

The experience of hypnosis is different for everyone. You might go into a very deep trance and not remember the session. In this case, it is obvious that you were under hypnosis. But for many people, hypnosis is much like reading a good book. You are absorbed, but are still aware of your environment and your internal dialogue.

Will I lose control?

No, because hypnosis cannot make you do anything against your will. All hypnosis is essentially self-hypnosis, and hypnosis will actually give you more control over yourself than you had before.

Can I listen while driving?

Absolutely not. Never listen to a hypnosis session while driving or engaged in any activity that requires your attention.

Can I use more than one hypnosis program at once?

If you have purchased several programs from The Hypnosis Network, we recommend that you complete one program before moving to the next.

Please let us know if you have any comments, questions, or suggestions. We always welcome customer input.

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