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Use Your Mind Against the Pain

You CAN understand and control chronic pain. Your mind is the key. This set of six audio sessions, taken from the first CD of Hypnosis: The Pain Solution by Dr. Maggie Phillips, explains pain and gives you two strategies to use against it.

In sessions 2 and 3, Dr. Phillips explains why chronic pain is such a serious problem and why hypnosis can be an effective tool to use against pain. Session 4, "Understanding Pain," is a classic. Maggie's clear, concise explanation of how pain signals are processed in the body, and how they can be blocked to reduce the level of hurt, is vital information for anyone ready to try mind-body solutions against pain. In sessions 5 and 6, you will begin to apply this information to shifting and blocking your own pain.

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Dr. Maggie Phillips1IntroductionPain Management7:57MP3 **1.40MBDownload
Dr. Maggie Phillips2The Problem of PainPain Management8:16MP3 **1.45MBDownload
Dr. Maggie Phillips3How Hypnosis Relieves PainPain Management12:48MP3 **2.25MBDownload
Dr. Maggie Phillips4Understanding PainPain Management10:33MP3 **1.85MBDownload
Dr. Maggie Phillips5Using Mental Focus to Shift PainPain Management6:05MP3 **1.0MBDownload
Dr. Maggie Phillips6Closing the Pain Gates on Stress and TraumaPain Management18:57MP3 **3.33MBDownload
Dr. Maggie PhillipsallUse Your Mind Against the PainPain Management1:04:38ZIP 10:96MBDownload

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