If you've been following this blog for a while, you know I am a big-time "brain performance" guy. This is probably why I got into the hypnosis publishing area, as I'm always looking for ways to achieve peak performance. In my opinion, the brain is the key.

I've written about neurofeedback, brain entrainment, brain software, and neuro-plasticity, but I've never written about supplements that improve your brain's performance.

There is a reason, and it's this:

Until recently, I just have not been able to find a formula that is both affordable and effective.

Until about four months ago, I made my own "brain cocktail" by going to the bulk manufacturers and ordering each ingredient in powder form in large quantities. This makes my cocktail affordable, but it tastes terrible, is very inconvenient, and can cause some stomach issues.

What's in my "brain cocktail"?

1. Acetyl-L-Carnitine: This amino acid crosses the blood-brain barrier and has been proven to have all kinds of benefits to the brain. It is also used in Europe to treat depression, and to help repair the damage caused by alchoholism. Unfortunaely, most supplements with this ingredient have the dosage significantly too low. You need about 2 grams a day to get the real benefits. This is a pretty expensive ingredient if not bought in bulk, and it tastes extremely bitter in powder form.

2. Phosphatidylserine: This form of lecithin has a lot of clinical research showing its effectiveness. It serves two functions: it's both a cortisol reducer (the stress hormone that causes all kinds of negative effects), and it helps to strengthen memory. The form on which most of the research has been done is called Leci PS, and you need about 400mg a day at 20% to get the results below:

  • Increase vigilance and attention,

  • Increase mental acuity,

  • Intensify your concentration,

  • Relieve depression and improve mood, and

  • Inhibit exercise and stress-induced increases in cortisol.

Leci PS is very expensive, and tastes pretty bad!

3. Finally, I take L-alpha-glyceryl Phosphatidyl choline, also called Alpha-GPC. This is a relatively new compound that's hard to find. The main benefits of Alpha-GPC are:

  • Improve memory and learning ability 1

  • Counteract brain aging by increasing cholinergic receptor sites 2

  • Increase nerve growth factor receptors in the brain 3

  • Slow down undesirable structural changes in the brain 4

  • Increase growth hormone secretion in both the young and the old 5

  • Increase the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine 6

  • Improve memory and cognitive performance in patients with Alzheimer's dementia 1

So yes, for some time now I have been "gutting" these compounds in powder form. It's been worth it, but I will admit that I would sometimes skip a day (or three) because it was inconvenient, and it tastes so-o-o-o bad!

Why not buy these as individual pills?

Pills would have been more convenient, and less vile-tasting, but they can be costly. I did some shopping online to figure the cost of these ingredients in pill form.

For the Leci PS, you are looking at $60 for 400 mg a day at 30 days. Acetyl-L-Carnitine has gone down a lot in the last year. If you look around, you can get the 2 grams a day in pill form for about $10 a month. (It used to be very pricey.) For L-alpha-glyceryl Phosphatidyl choline in pill form, I was able to find a decent supplier where you could get 1,000mg a day for about $40 a month.

So if you were to try to get these three ingredients in pill form at the right dosage, we are looking at over $100 a month, and you do have to wonder about the sources.

So why did I stop mixing this power cocktail about four months ago?

At that time, I was introduced to Dr. Dave Woynarowski, a well-known anti-aging doctor. He was previously Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine at Hershey Medical Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Dr. Dave has a thriving anti-aging practice, and through this practice he has developed some origninal supplements.
Knowing I was a "brain guy," Dave challenged me to try his "Instant Brain Power" formula (not the most creative name in the world) for a month, and to see if I noticed any results.

I immediately looked at the ingredients. Turns out I was already taking three of the ingredients (as described above) in powder form, so of course I was interested.

Dave was generous and sent me a 3-month supply.

The results are in – especially in terms of mental endurance

I did definitely notice a difference in performance.

My memory is already good, but what I noticed most was an increased mental endurance, even exceeding the effects of the three main ingredients which I was talking before. Dr. Dave's formula also contains Vinpocetin, Ascorbyl Palmitate, and mixed Natural Tocotreinols (vitamin E analogues), which might account for the increased effectiveness of his formula over my cocktail.

How you can get it

Dave normally charges $85.95 for a month's supply.

This seems pricey, but if you think about how much mental clarity is worth, I think $3 a day is a steal. Plus this product has a lot of brain protection value, which is priceless.

I know a lot of people who make supplements, and I know the traditional profit margins they build into their business. Let's just say that Dr. Dave's margin is not even approaching that of most supplement companies. Because of this, most of his marketing is word-of-mouth. He doesn't have the margin for heavy advertising.
Anyway, I know the price seems high, so I did ask Dr. Dave for a discount for our readers. The most he could give and still make a small profit is $10, so for a limited time you can get a month's supply for $75.95.

We at The Hypnosis Network don't get a cent. It's just a really good product at a really good price.

So if you are into peak brain performance, this is a no-brainer!



Michael Lovitch


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