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A New Reason Why It is Harder NOT to Overeat as We Age

If it wasn't hard enough already, new research out of Monash University and now published in Nature demonstrates that as we age key appetite control cells in the human brain degenerate over time, causing increased hunger!

We aren't talking about REALLY OLD here, according to Dr. Zane Andrews, a neuroendocrinologist at Monash...continue reading »

Visual Memory More Flexible Than We Thought

When you read about memory and learning, you will eventually come across the idea of "chunking", which is a strategy our brains use to help remember information. You will also learn that for information that relates to numbers and words, our brains can remember 7+/-2 items (which means between 5 and 9) items easily.

Visual memory was often thought to rely on the same kind of 7 +/-2 items, but new research (published in the journal Science) suggests that visual memory is much more flexible than scientists have previously thought.

In this study, participants were asked to remember several objects from a computer screen. The screen went blank...continue reading »

Hypnosis Reduces Headaches in Children

When we read and learn about stress management, we are often focused on how adults can better manage stress- whether it be personal, on-the-job, or due to a failing relationship. Sometimes, though, with all this focus on adults, we forget that children can feel stressed too.

One of the biggest reasons children feel stress is because of changes in their environment. They feel out of control when things change, and might not be able to have any control over where they live or go to school (such as when their parents separate or divorce) and they may also be subjected to stress at school, such as by being bullied or ridiculed.

Sometimes, it's tough being a kid. One of the ways that children demonstrate stress...continue reading »

Hooked on the First Smoke

The pleasurable effects of nicotine have been studied for many years and are one of the reasons people find it so difficult to stop smoking. Some people try a cigarette and hate it on first puff — so they quickly give up smoking and never start again. For others, though, that first cigarette provides such a positive rush that they can't imagine ever not smoking again.

Clearly, different people experience nicotine differently. The reasons for this difference are the subject of a new study published by The University of Western Ontario, and researchers there are examining, specifically, how nicotine travels the brain pathways.

In those who enjoy smoking from the first puff...continue reading »

Large Brains Cost Us

A new study published in Genome Biology suggests that mental disorders, such as schizophrenia, may be a developmental byproduct of our brain's evolution.

Humans have the most evolved and largest brains of all the mammalian species. Furthermore, our brains evolved rapidly compared to other species; this rapid...continue reading »

Hypnosis Improves Alopecia Areata

Alopecia Areata is an autoimmune disorder which leads to hair loss. Initially, the disease is characterized by rapid hair loss, usually on the scalp, but it can also lead to hair loss on other parts of the body. Alopecia Areata may lead to complete loss of hair, creating bald patches on the scalp or body, or it may be more diffuse, where the hair becomes thinner and more fragile.

Typically, Alopecia Areata is diagnosed when there is rapid hair loss, patchiness, and a more significant loss of hair on one side of the head compared to the other. It is believed to be caused by an immune disorder in which the body's own cells attack the hair follicles and disrupt normal hair growth and formation. Alopecia Areata is often associated with other autoimmune disorders such as lupus, ulcerative colitis...continue reading »

Have you ''blown out'' your thyroid like Oprah?

This is personal for me, as I recently found out I have a previously undiagnosed thyroid problem that has made my weight a constant issue.

But let's start with the celebrity.

As you may know, recently Oprah Winfrey revealed that she has hypothyroidism.

Oprah said she was ". . . going around from doctor to doctor trying to figure out what was wrong, and finally figured out that I had literally sort of blew out my thyroid."

Could this have been what was causing her weight...continue reading »

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