The University of Liverpool has published a study which demonstrates that hypnosis can slow the symptoms of dementia. As you may know, dementia is a neurological condition which can result in people losing their memories- they can forget where they live, they forget people they love, and tend to become more withdrawn and less social as the disease progresses.

In this study, dementia patients were treated with hypnosis, and showed improvements in memory, concentration, and levels of social interaction compared to a group who did not undergo hypnosis. In addition, for the hypnosis dementia group, relaxation, interest, and motivation also improved, as did participation in the activities of daily living (ADL's). Activities of daily living would include behaviors such as taking a shower, fixing a meal, and so on.

This research suggests that hypnosis can improve the quality of life for people with dementia, helping them soothe the anxiety and depression that often occurs with the disease.

Evidence suggests that hypnosis is a useful tool in helping slow the impact of dementia, and should be added to the treatment regiment for those suffering from the disease.

Source: "Alternative Approaches to Supporting Individuals With Dementia: Enhancing Quality of Life Through Hypnosis," Alzheimer's Care Today 2007, volume 8, number 4, pages 321-331.