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Health and Wellness

Internal Parasites in a First World Country

Here's a short article about the 9-foot tapeworm lawsuit I mentioned in my email:

Scientific American article

Who would have thought that eating salmon could be so risky?

Without going into who should be blamed for this particular incident, it's crazy to think that this could actually happen in the United...continue reading »

A New Reason Why It is Harder NOT to Overeat as We Age

If it wasn't hard enough already, new research out of Monash University and now published in Nature demonstrates that as we age key appetite control cells in the human brain degenerate over time, causing increased hunger!

We aren't talking about REALLY OLD here, according to Dr. Zane Andrews, a neuroendocrinologist at Monash...continue reading »

Hooked on the First Smoke

The pleasurable effects of nicotine have been studied for many years and are one of the reasons people find it so difficult to stop smoking. Some people try a cigarette and hate it on first puff — so they quickly give up smoking and never start again. For others, though, that first cigarette provides such a positive rush that they can't imagine ever not smoking again.

Clearly, different people experience nicotine differently. The reasons for this difference are the subject of a new study published by The University of Western Ontario, and researchers there are examining, specifically, how nicotine travels the brain pathways.

In those who enjoy smoking from the first puff...continue reading »

Secondhand Smoke Can Lead to Spousal Stroke

You know that smoking isn't one of your healthiest habits. You might have been trying to quit for a while, even though this can be challenging to do.

There is another reason to stop smoking now — a new study predicts that spouses of smokers are at an increased risk of stroke.

For those who have never smoked, being married to a smoker leads to a 42% increase...continue reading »

Hypnosis Slows Impact of Dementia

The University of Liverpool has published a study which demonstrates that hypnosis can slow the symptoms of dementia. As you may know, dementia is a neurological condition which can result in people losing their memories- they can forget where they live, they forget people they love, and tend to become more withdrawn and less social as the disease progresses.

In this study, dementia patients were treated with hypnosis, and showed improvements in memory, concentration, and levels of social interaction compared to a group who did not undergo hypnosis. In addition, for the hypnosis dementia group, relaxation, interest, and motivation also improved, as did participation in the activities of daily living (ADL's). Activities of daily living would include behaviors such as taking a shower...continue reading »

Obesity as a sociological phenomenon

For a long time, people have thought of obesity as simply being a medical issue: people ate more than they expended, and gained weight.

A lot of research has gone into the physical and physiological aspects of weight loss; looking for "the fat gene", promoting low fat or low carb diets, and also looking at how people could rebalance their desires for high-fat foods.

New research from the University of Warwick suggests that people become obese if the people around them are obese. Like that old saying, "working hard to keep up with the Joneses"...continue reading »

No More Dentist Drill- Laser Light finds Tooth Decay Early

dentist drill

Most people who are afraid of going to the dentist cite the dental drill as one of their biggest sources of anxiety. The drill is loud, noisy, and, if the dentist slips, can be painful.

Recently, the Society of Chemical Industry published a study discussing a new technology for finding tooth decay in its very early stages- almost at the moment it starts.

The new technology is being developed...continue reading »

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