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Brain Science

Visual Memory More Flexible Than We Thought

When you read about memory and learning, you will eventually come across the idea of "chunking", which is a strategy our brains use to help remember information. You will also learn that for information that relates to numbers and words, our brains can remember 7+/-2 items (which means between 5 and 9) items easily.

Visual memory was often thought to rely on the same kind of 7 +/-2 items, but new research (published in the journal Science) suggests that visual memory is much more flexible than scientists have previously thought.

In this study, participants were asked to remember several objects from a computer screen. The screen went blank...continue reading »

Large Brains Cost Us

A new study published in Genome Biology suggests that mental disorders, such as schizophrenia, may be a developmental byproduct of our brain's evolution.

Humans have the most evolved and largest brains of all the mammalian species. Furthermore, our brains evolved rapidly compared to other species; this rapid...continue reading »

The Necker Cube: An Experiment in Perception

According to Wikipedia, a Necker cube is an optical illusion first published in 1832 by Swiss crystallographer Louis Albert Necker.

Here's one example of a Necker cube:

Given a little time, most people see this image in two different ways. Pay attention to how the red dot sometimes appears...continue reading »

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