We receive questions about hypnosis and faith regularly, and would like to attempt to address the issue.

Before we start, here are two points of clarification:

  • First, we want to be clear that all of the following discussions refer only to the programs our therapists create at The Hypnosis Network. Other hypnosis publishers may not follow the same standards for their audio CD programs. We cannot vouch for their programs.
  • Second, we do not claim to be experts in matters of faith. Our office staff and therapists consist of people from multiple faiths, and we are not involved in issues of faith as a company unit.

Program Content

We produce self-hypnosis audio CD programs that address particular issues for which hypnosis has been shown via multiple academic research studies to be an effective treatment tool.

The CDs are not "New Age" in any way, nor do they present a spiritual perspective. And there is nothing "subliminal" on any of our CDS. What you hear is what you get!

Furthermore, because these are audio CDs, feel free to test the programs by listening while standing up. This ensures that you do not actually go into a hypnotic state, so that you can check the content for yourself.

You will find that when you use hypnosis, you are in total control and not under the "influence" of the therapist.

Hypnosis and Spirituality

It has been shown that spirituality can have a very positive effect on your overall well-being. Our audio programs can only stand to complement this by helping you live out the behaviors toward which your spiritual path is guiding you. However, they are definitely not a replacement for spiritual practices.

Religious Traditions and Hypnosis

While most religious traditions have no issue with clinical hypnosis, some disagree with its use. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your religious tradition's perspective on hypnosis, please check with a religious authority whom you trust.

To read questions and answers on hypnosis and Christianity from two experts we interviewed, see our separate article "Christianity and Hypnosis: Answers from an Academic and a Minister."

The Hypnosis Network feels that if you belong to a group that does not accept hypnosis, then you should not use the programs. Your spiritual views are more important than any benefit you might receive from hypnosis.

Our Guarantee

If you find any problem with the programs, we will happily refund the full purchase price.

We welcome your questions and comments regarding hypnosis. While we cannot answer religious questions, we can provide information on our therapists, including their credentials and products.