Hypnosis can be a very powerful method for personal change and growth. You can learn to control your beliefs, bodily functions and unwanted behaviors. You can even learn to create behaviors and capabilities that you never thought possible.

Not only do many hypnotists lack the deep and thorough education necessary to help you in a professional capacity, but they may also employ what The Hypnosis Network calls the "Cult of Personality" to gain your confidence.

These individuals create a voice and personality that they hope leaves you feeling that they are all-knowing gurus who can help you achieve any goal, no matter how unrealistic or far-fetched.

Just as the medical profession has specialists for various ailments, so does the mental-health profession. How can any single individual be knowledgeable in EVERY hypnosis topic available? Hypnotists subscribing to the Cult of Personality sales tactic are hoping you will not realize how unrealistic their claim is.

How Can I Spot One?

Identifying these individuals is easy if you remember these common-sense questions:

Does their website make unrealistic claims?
Are the topics they claim to cover beyond the scope of the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH)'s Legitimate Uses of Hypnosis? If they state that they can help you grow your penis/breasts, get lucky, gain psychic powers, or cure addictions, they are PURPOSEFULLY MISLEADING YOU!

Do they seem to be an expert in every topic?
Just as your General Practitioner may be able to identify that you have a problem, but need you to see a specialist for treatment, mental-health professionals specialize to give optimal care to their patients. We have seen websites which promise to help you lose weight, stop procrastinating, stop smoking, heal your body, help with childbirth, grow your breasts, get lucky, have more intuition, and to become financially abundant. Not only are some of these topics a little unrealistic, but it is impossible for one person to know enough about all of these topics. Beware of anyone who claims to "do it all."

If you have any questions regarding a particular hypnotist's claims or programs, please email us at: customerservice@hypnosisnetwork.com.