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In the National Health & Wellness Club's Product Test Program, club members conduct their own independent tests of health and wellness products.

The fifty independent testers who tried Enjoying Weight Loss gave the program a 92% approval rating.

The testing process: The National Health & Wellness Club contacted The Hypnosis Network to see if they would be willing to submit their products to an independent test. Manufacturers supply the products to our testers. Only those products receiving more than a 66% approval rating are mentioned in our magazine and allowed to use our seal. When The Hypnosis Network agreed, we randomly selected fifty members as product testers and instructed The Hypnosis Network to send them Enjoying Weight Loss. After approximately a 2-month evaluation period, we processed the evaluation forms and were able to inform The Hypnosis Network that Enjoying Weight Loss had far exceeded the necessary minimum approval rate, achieving a 92% rating.

Excerpts from the Product Evaluations

"After listening to the CD, it gave me incentive to lose weight and have control over it. With this CD I have lost 5 pounds."
Diane Kurek
Mount Juliet, TN

"After using the hypnosis CDs for 3 weeks I have lost 6 pounds. I am sleeping better and just feel better overall. I am paying more attention to my food choices, and to exactly how I am feeling, asking: 'Am I genuinely hungry? Or is it thirst, boredom, loneliness, etc.?' Mainly, I don't feel like I am on a 'DIET'; I am learning how to make better choices."
Cindy Mears
Brattleboro, VT

"The Enjoying Weight Loss hypnosis CD is a wonderful aide in helping a person lose weight. Combined with diet and exercise, this CD keeps the listener motivated in achieving her/his goals."
Nikki Nastari
St. Petersburg, FL

Enjoying Weight Loss Product Test
 Evaluation date: Spring 2007
 Approval rating:92%

"I would recommend it to anyone who needs motivation and help in losing weight. It was a great help in curbing the desire for unhealthy foods and overeating."
Joan Bajdek
Lynn, MA

"I listened to the CDs with these CDs with my husband. We both found them to be very relaxing and motivating. We are having an easier time sticking to our food plan and we exercise more than we did before the tapes. We will continue to use these CDs."
Jan Batchelder
Pahrump, NV

"The program is easy and pleasurable. Dr. Roberta Temes' suggestions with hypnosis make sense and are easily accepted and assimilated. I have a hard time with motivation, but since I participated in her hypnosis program, I find that I am able to follow my diet with ease and success. The program is flexible in that you can pick the times you do it and it can change daily. I like that freedom.

Even if you don't think you are hypnotized, you find yourself following the suggestions made in the sessions, and being successful in losing weight and following your diet."
Henrietta Gunderud
Palm Coast, FL

"I was on Weight Watchers for a few weeks before I heard these CDs. They really helped me to think differently about food and helped me to lose weight at a better rate. I will continue to listen to the CDs."
Wendi Scheeler
Owings Mills, MD

"Definitely would recommend this product. Although I didn't lose 30 pounds yet, it certainly has helped my blood sugars to come down to almost normal (58-90-101) instead of 200-300. I think [it has been] good for blood pressure, too. It's easy to use daily. Thank you, Dr. Roberta Temes."
Muriel Krogman
Menasha, WI

"I found the versatility of being able to play this at my convenience very helpful. I liked the fact that I could replay those CDs that I wanted some reinforcement in."
Sherry Malone
Lyndhurst, NJ

"The hypnosis CD covers all the doubts of losing weight. It encourages you to stick to a plan -- one that feels comfortable to each individual. I lost 5 lbs. the first week and am eating less between meals."
Lorraine Barker
Goshen, CT

"As a psychologist, I was impressed with the effectiveness of the imagery and the quality of the sessions. I was able not only to gain control of eating; it also gave me the refreshment of a nap!"
Katee Francies
Oxford, MI

"I would recommend the CDs as the program is simple to follow and cost effective. You can listen to the appropriate track whenever necessary."
Susan Klein
Sun City, AZ

"For three weeks, while listening to the CD every day, I have lost 14 pounds without any effort. And this is after many years of struggling with weight and tryng a lot of different programs and weight loss pills. I am so happy, and I am sticking to my hypnosis CD. I will continue listening to them every day and enjoying my weight loss! The best feature is that there are no dangerous side effects. The only side effect is a healthy lifestyle, and as a result, better health and better shape and appearance."
Natalie Laevsky
Brooklyn, NY

"I recommend this product. It was fun to listen to. It helped with my stress levels as well as portion control and healthier eating habits. It goes to show how one healthy habit can spill into other areas of your life. I liked the ease of use and step by step instructions. The program doesn't seem like work; it just happened naturally."
Sandra Segal
Erdenheim, PA

"I used (listened to) all the CDs and I really did lose weight. I didn't think it would work, but it really does. I would listen to the CDs over and over again. I've only had them a week and I really do want to drink more water and I feel healthy already."
Sue Lesko
Airville, PA

"I didn't feel like I was hypnotized, but over time I caught myself subconsciously doing the things Dr. Roberta was telling me I would do, such as drinking water and choosing better food choices. Thanks so much for choosing me for this product. I will continue using them."
Celia Griffin
Tyner, NC

"I was not sure if this type of therapy would work. I thought $119 was a lot for a product that you didn't know how it would be, and that's a lot to gamble with. I must say that I was impressed how I found myself being aware of everything I put into my mouth. I also became aware of how easy it is to fit more exercise into my normal day. I lost some weight without even realizing it. I will continue to listen to some parts to keep up with my goal."
Kim Gunther
South St. Paul, MN

"This is the first weight loss strategy I have had success at. It's a 'private' program. I have attended group meetings and had success for awhile, but this is structured in such a way that you can listen over and over to the parts that need help most. So far I have lost 10 pounds in these 4 weeks. I will continue with this program."
Ann Dorrity
Paterson, NJ

"After listening to Dr. Roberta, I'm more in command of my thinking about food and also more calm and relaxed. I also find myself getting water first and no urge for chocolate. I have to do the whole set over, as the first time had too many interruptions. But with not wanting chocolate, I must have heard something."
Buddye Downs
Asheville, NC

"The therapist states that 'true hypnotherapy is boring. All she does is talk and the person listens.' I felt when she talked the words she said hit home for me. I have lost about 7 pounds and my food choices are much healthier than they were before. Remarkable product - thank you!"
Tiffany Edwards
Coatesville, PA

"The CDs helped a lot with relaxing. I lost some weight. I would like to try the stop smoking CDs."
Doreen Dalluge
Crivitz, WI

"I recommend this CD set because I have struggled with my weight for all my life and after listening to the CDs I have chosen better foods for my health/weight control. I did not think that hypnosis would work. I lost and now I feel I have more control without craving certain foods. I will listen again and again while losing what I hope will be a lot of weight."
Sue Staggs
Cincinnati, OH

"The CDs have changed my life. I've lost 8 lbs. in 3 weeks, but more than that, the program has changed my lifestyle. I exercise daily, cut my pop consumption by 2/3, increased my water by a lot. It has made me not think about food all the time. It also has me making better food choices: healthier ones. I'm very happy with the results. NOTE: You must use it every day for the first three weeks. Now I use it a few times a week."
Barbara Swanson
Norway, MI

"It was a good motivation to start and stick with a diet. I lost 4 lbs!"
Terry Jones
Howell, MI

"The 4 CDs in this set all help you to relax and make a plan to lose weight. By putting you in a relaxed state, you then become more susceptible to the suggestions made by the author. Her common-sense suggestions are helpful. I lost 6 lbs. the first week!"
Susan Hudler
Toms River, NJ

"This product has definitely made me more cognizant of food choices, lifestyle, and daily activity. I would recommend this CD to my friends and family because it impacts minimally on a person's schedule. All it takes is a commitment of less than 30 minutes a day to lie down and focus on choices. I'm so glad I tried this."
Kathy Pellecchia
Philadelpha, PA

"After listening to all tracks I am drinking more water and am more aware of the food I eat. I lost weight the first week and have kept it off. This is great for me. I do have much more to get rid of. The best feature is having the CD for renewal of the suggestions."
Mary Kavli
Dahlen, ND

"At first it is hard to get into a routine to listen to the CDs. Once I got settled in, it became easier. By doing this I have been able to lose 15 lbs. The paper from the doctor helped to answer questions. I am so excited about the easy way this has been to use."
Randy Bieberstein
Orlando, FL

"I noticed from the first time I listened to the CDs I became more aware of what I chose to eat. I've tried many weight loss products and programs. These are easy to use and can be used any time I want. Love the product."
Arleen Orland
Santa Clarita, CA

"I felt that the CDs were easy to use and listen to. They only require 20 minutes of my day, which was helpful."
Arlene Dickinson
Dalton, PA

"It took some discipline to use the CDs, but once I did, I benefited from them. It's a good program overall. It helped me to become more thoughtful about my eating habits."
Rachel Elliott
Nashville, TN